Contracts are agreements, and some deals need not be in writing. However, the Statute of Fraud clearly states that in order for a contract to be enforceable, it must be “memorialized” ( or written down). In doing so, you probably need our contract templates. Problem solved! Here, you can choose from our wide variety of templates that are 100% customizable and easily editable within minutes for free. These are all professionally-made and print-ready high-quality contract templates, perfect for commercial as well as personal printing. All of our files are compatible in all versions of PDF, and made available in A4 and US Sizes. Create written contracts for employment, sales, or tenancy that is intended to be binding and enforceable by law. These professionally designed templates can also be shared digitally through email and other online platforms. You can instantly save the downloaded file in your PC or mobile device. What are you waiting for? Download now!

How to Create Contracts in PDF

Contracts are legally binding agreements. When two people decide to agree on certain things, they both acquire rights as well as duties as being laid down in the said contract. The basic elements of a contract include voluntary, deliberate, and legally binding.

In some business firms, contracts are written agreements between an employee and an employer. But there are agreements that can also be spoken or implied. Aside from that, there are certain elements that must be met for a contract for it to be enforceable, and in the absence of even one of these elements, the sample contract will be void and both parties will be excused from any duties or responsibilities.

We know that drafting a simple contract will never be easy. So for you to be guided, consider these tips provided just for you as you utilize our editable contract templates that are available in all versions of PDF.

1. Bilateral or Unilateral

These are two types of contracts. You have to understand each for you to decide what type of contract are you pursuing. A bilateral contract involves two parties who made a promise to each other. While a unilateral agreement involves one party who makes a promise to another party in exchange for an act by the other party.

Determine whether or not the contract that you are in now is a unilateral or bilateral agreement. After that, decide what contract templates to use.

2. Offer and Acceptance

In both types of contracts, offer and acceptance must be present. There must be a proposal by either party to which an agreement is formed. Other than that, an acceptance must be there to ensure that the sample agreement is voluntary and deliberate. These two things are primarily important elements that should be present in a deal, otherwise, there’s no contract made.

3. Competence is Needed

When signing a contract, make sure you are mentally capacitated and already in your legal age. This is important so both parties can surely understand what contract is all about. Aside from that, a person must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs when signing a contract. Lest the contract may be void and not valid.

4. Legality and Consent

Whether you’re an employee who promised service to the employer, or a vendor to your vendee, the contract must be legal document for it to be enforceable. In that sense, consent from both parties must be mutual. However, if the consent is obtained on the basis of stress, due to duress or under the influence of alcohol and drugs, then the party's consent is considered involuntary; therefore, the contract is void.

5. Must be in Writing

A written contract is required for all transactions involving construction, rental, loan, termination, and other agreements in which performance cannot be completed within a year after signing a contract.

Whether you’re into business contracts or government contracts, the agreement should be in writing for it to be legally enforceable.

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