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Document Purchases from Your Business with's Free Receipt Templates in PDF! We Have Receipts for Cash Payment, Rent, Medical Insurance Premium, and Others. They're Editable and Fillable and Have Sample Content So You Won't Leave Them Blank. Having a Receipt Is as Important as Having an Invoice. Download Now!See more

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  • Are you looking for a sample of premium templates to help you draft the receipt sheet for a financial transaction made for goods or services at your business establishment? Then our ready-made receipt templates are perfect for you! These files are 100% customizable and easily editable in all versions of portable document formats (PDF) for your convenience. We have all kinds of receipts, such as cash, sales, and rent receipts suitable for any payment transaction. They are all printable and made available in 4×9 inches with bleed, perfect for commercial as well as personal printing. Highly customizable and expertly done from scratch so that you can personalize the templates as you downloaded within minutes. Grab the chance and download our ready-made receipt templates for free today!

    How to Make Receipts in Portable Document Format (PDF)

    In definition, a receipt is a written acknowledgment that someone has paid for a service or a product. It is a document containing the name of the purchaser, the date, the products purchased, or the services enjoyed. The importance, however, of having receipts is it is legally required to collect tax (VAT) and to avail the warranty set forth by a particular business establishment. 

    Often, receipts are also tickets for attending events like concerts, watching movies, or even riding a bus or any vehicle. 

    Some might want to ask the difference between an invoice and a receipt. In most business travels, an invoice is a commercial document requested by the seller to the buyer and is generally a negotiated transaction. A receipt, on the other hand, is a nonnegotiable document issued by the vendor, the seller, or any business stalls to the purchaser or the buyer. In this way, we can decipher that an invoice is an before-payment document while a receipt is an after-payment document. 

    In making receipts for your business, you may want to consider using our ready-made receipt templates in a portable document format (PDF) as you follow the tips provided for you below. 

    1. The Purpose

    When we speak of receipts, we need to be specific what type of receipts we need for the business. If you’re on a trip, for instance, you probably be receiving a lot of receipts for different kinds, like a hotel receipt, and you have to separate them accordingly. Determining the purpose of the receipt is the first thing to do before choosing a template because it will lead to the specific ones. Will you need a taxi receipt, a medical receipt, or a school receipt? Those are just a few of the types of receipts you’d probably encounter in any business transactions. 

    2. The Template

    After identifying the purpose, choose the templates you need. From a wide selection of receipt templates, you can pick the right template for you and your business. Receipts, like cash receipts, are essential not just for legal purposes but also for the benefits of the company itself. It helps you record the things sold and the amount you received in a day, a week, or a month. 

    3. The Details

    The details must include the name of the business establishment, company, or hospital, the date, the name of the purchaser, and other relevant information. Like in business cards, these details must also be inputted correctly or legibly (if you’re using a pen). 

    4. No Need to Be Creative

    In choosing the font, font size, and design of your receipts, creativity is not an issue. For as long as the time and date of the purchase and other essential details are readable, printed, and right, other things become minor for a simple receipt

    5. The Means 

    There are generally two ways to issue any type of receipts. One is to have it printed and make use of a pen to fill in the details on the transaction, while the other is having these receipts be saved in your personal computer and edit it during business deals.