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How to Make a Winning Business Card?

how to make a winning business card

A printable business card is a 3.5-inch by 2-inch document (including a 1/8 inch print bleed) that contains valuable information about an individual, company, entity, or organization. And contrary to popular belief, business cards are not part of a dying industry. In fact, in the digital age, they are considered multipurpose tools in product or service promotion, lead generation, and brand management. 

Do note that business cards may also be called visiting cards, name cards, business identification cards, or loyalty cards (when used as a customer engagement tool).

Did you know that 9 out of 10 business cards are thrown away by their recipients? Avoid this fate for your brand’s corporate or service business cards by making sure that you only come up with well-designed and informative ones. 

With the help of the short guide below, you can begin applying all these design tips and start making your business cards that win in attracting new customers and generating sales.

1. Choose a Complementary Color Palette

Incorporating a complementary color scheme to your business card designs can be the difference between finding them in the recycling bin. Some consumer studies show that colored and creative business cards are less likely to be thrown away.

Use colors that showcase what your company/brand is or what kind of impression you wish to create. Need to create a tough yet results-oriented persona as a divorce lawyer? Then choosing a black and silver color palette may work well for your corporate business card.

2. Have Fun with Typography

A brand’s personality can also be shown through smart typeface choices. To illustrate, Serif font styles denote professionalism and elegance while sans serif fonts can be inviting but less formal. Mix and match font styles that you think will best represent your brand. (Tip: We recommend using up to three different font styles at most.)

3. Pay Attention to Visual Hierarchy

Readability is another hallmark of an effective and modern business card. Attain this by following a clean and organized layout. Carefully position all text and image elements in such a way that supports the normal eye movement.

Remember, business cards only have little space to write on. Prioritize brand logos and company contact information without sacrificing the overall look of the business card.

4. Add a Call To Action

Remember when we said that business cards could also serve as promotional tools? You can do that by adding a compelling Call To Action on them. Utilize the back portion of your business cards and incorporate a QR code, a social media link, a discount offer, or even a scratch-a-prize section. 

When you use these CTAs, you encourage a customer to go one step into the lead generation and buying process. By offering a boon in the form of a discount, first dibs, or access to comprehensive information, you are engaging with a customer even more. And this lets them know how much you value their time and business.

5. Experiment with Advanced Printing Options

Take your business cards to a whole new level of cool by incorporating advanced printing techniques. Use thick or textured cardstock. Try square, circle, or even irregularly shaped business card print sizes. Combine foil printing with die-cutting techniques. You can also add embossed and debossed accents or stamped fonts. You may even create vintage or retro business cards.

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