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How to Create a Timesheet in Adobe PDF

A timesheet is a document that is used to record an amount of time that an employee has spent at work. Timesheets are mainly used to calculate payroll and management accounting of the workers. It usually tracks the starting and ending time of a worker and it breakdown the accomplishments of the tasks or projects. Other than monitoring the duration of the work, timesheets guide the management of the worker's productivity. This will help the company to make some corporate strategies on how to manage unprofitable work and how to allocate the payroll of the works in a fair manner.

Timesheets usually track the hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly duration of the worker. It also takes note of the absences and overtime that are done by the workers. Timesheets are usually used for internships, construction, volunteer work, and more. Recently, timesheets are now digital documents and spreadsheets. If you need to make a timesheet by using Adobe PDF, you can use the following steps that are being provided below.

1. Launch Your Adobe PDF application

For you to get started, launch your Adobe PDF application. You can begin by deciding whether or not to use a sample timesheet template with an Adobe PDF format that you can find online or start on a blank document. Although, any other applications would allow you to create a timesheet, however, Adobe PDF is equipped with features that will not disrupt your layout as you save it.

2. Determine the Information That You Need to Include

The second thing that you will need to do is to determine the salient information that you need to include in the timesheet. Most of the business organizations usually input the name of the workers, the period (hours, days, and week), and the name of the organization into the timesheet. Some of the business organizations would also include the production sheets to evaluate the worker's productive contribution to the business organization. Make sure to organize the following information based on priority.

3. Use Columns

Adobe PDF is also capable of making columns and rows for your data. For the third step, make use of the columns and rows to divide the daily record and weekly record of the workers in the entire timesheet. You can also separate and specify the worker's shifts for you to manage their time better.

4. Calculate the Daily Working Hours

For you to come up with the total daily working hours, you can sum up everything from the starting to the ending time of the worker's working hours. You can also add the overtime hours if the worker's been working more than the regular hours. Whatever the results you have come up from the calculation, this will be inputted for the total daily working hours on the timesheet. If you need further data, you can check the daily log sheets as your basis.

5. Calculate the Total Weekly Hours

Lastly, to get the total of hours that your worker has worked in a whole week, you need to sum up all of the total daily hours for that specific week. Do not forget to incorporate the total weekly count to display on the timesheet and work with the weekly sheet to provide more details.

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