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How to Create a Comment Card?

Also called a feedback card, a comment card is a miniature marketing tool used in business to receive remarks and suggestions from customers. Clients may also write their complaints, and in return, business owners will know what the problem is, how to solve it, and why they should do better in the future.

Keeping your comment card a simple card proves to be effective. That's not to say you can't go artistic and colorful. However, make sure your customers can read whatever they're supposed to be answering. To create a comment card, you need a fantastic editor, your scoring system, and these few guidelines to get you started:

1. Plan as to What Kind of Comment Cards You'll Need

First, ask yourself why you need to create comment cards from the get-go. Do you see the need to improve your services? Is there anything your customers particularly want? Do you want to know what your business lacks? And if you have decided that you do need them, consider what kind of business cards you particularly need. Is it a restaurant comment card? Are you wondering what your customers think about the food, the place, or the crew? Maybe a hotel comment card where they could leave feedback or two about the room service or housekeeping procedures. Planning takes time, and so is designing if you do not have any idea about what you are going to create.

2. Come Up with a Scoring System

Your comment card should be short and precise, brief but straightforward. The minimum time to answer on a comment card is less than 5 minutes. Unless they are writing a poetic complaint or storytelling of how great they find your business is, it shouldn't take too long, or else they'll find it dragging and a waste of time. Your scoring system should be relevant and not too wordy. Focus on customer service, quality of goods or service, how fast the transaction went, or the establishment itself. You can try having them give you a rating per area for speedy feedback. You can also prioritize space for written comments.

3. Look for an Editor and Draft a Design

If your scoring system is set, you can start drafting a design for your comment card. There are several card editors online so you can choose from among them. However, if you do not want to start from scratch, you can always find available comment corporate card templates online which you can edit for convenience. If you decide to make your card personally, and you have found an editor that works for you, you can start designing. As mentioned, your comment cards should be simple, but you can complement it with colors and images if you wish so. Emphasize the survey; do not use dark colors.

4. Printing, Display, and Distribution

Contented with your design of the card, you can now print it. Use high-quality materials for printing. After that, display them where they are visible, in the cashier's area, or the entrance of your establishment. If you want it to be distributed per customer, decide when's the right time to do so.

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