Every business has a nice way of asking customers about their service and their product. You’re right, it’s through a comment or suggestion card. Are you on the hunt for a professionally designed comment card that you can provide to your customers so they can write their feedback and suggestions? Consider your search successful! Here, we offer you a wide selection of free ready-made comment cards templates in Word, and these include business comment card, hotel comment card, event comment card, and a lot more. You need not worry because our templates are 100% customizable and easily editable to fit your purpose. Indeed, this offer is something that you must not let pass by. Hurry and download our ready-made comment card templates in Word for free!

How to Make a Comment Card in Word

If you are running a hotel or a restaurant, comment cards would help you improve your customer service or food service. A comment card is a piece of paper, usually blank but sometimes with sets of questions, that would help the customers or guests evaluate your business. Usually, comment cards are called suggestion cards.

Aside from that, a comment card engages and sets communication between the customers and the business owner. When you provide comment cards to your customers, you let them know that you’re interested in your opinions or insights, and that can be used to improve your business. Customer feedback is important if you’re planning to upgrade your business.

In that way, a customer comment card serves a dual purpose: first, it helps you measure the customer’s satisfaction with the food or service; and second, it helps you identify the areas of your business that need development.

Creating your own comment card is simple, but having it all done professionally is another thing to consider. We won’t deprive you of the chance to better your business, so we’re actually here to help you make a better one. Consider these simple steps on how to make a professionally made comment card in Microsoft Word for your business.

1. At Template.Net…

All the available and printable comment cards that you can use are already on our website. Whether you’re looking for a set of hotel comment cards or restaurant comment cards, that is no longer a problem here. Each template is readily customizable and easily editable.

Also, you may want to choose a comment card template with the design that you like. All are free, so no worries!

2. ...Everything Is Possible

Our website offers you a variety of comment card templates made available in Microsoft Word. Take note that all of them can be edited and customized easily on your computer as you download it.

3. It’s Okay, You Can Download Them for Free!

By clicking the "start downloading" button, you’ll be amazed that you can actually download all of them without costing you a coin or two. Don’t wait too long and click the button now!

4. Open the Downloaded File/s in Microsoft Word

After you downloaded the file/s, you can open and customize them in any version of MS Word available on your computer. Put the necessary details like your the name of your business, the address, and other relevant information or questions that you think are necessary.

5. Be Polite

As you put the details in your comment cards, remember to be polite. Ask them kindly of how they may be of help to the improvement of your business, and consider all the comments. When I say "all," I mean including even the harshest suggestions you would probably encounter.

I know it’s quite rude of them, but that’s how you improve your business including yourself. Take it even if it is like a hard pill to swallow.

6. Print to Distribute

Print as many as you need after editing. If you’re done, then you’re all set!

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