How To Create A Simple Chart In Apple Pages?

A simple chart is like any other chart we're familiar with, but it's a simplified version. We all know that a chart is used for a variety of purposes, both for business and personal use. In business, a chart may be used as a comparison tool for business-related stats and data, a presentation tool to showcase an operational flow, an analyzation tool for company revenue and loss, an org chart, and so much more. Moving on, the tips we have gathered below will help you create any chart, regardless if you'll use it for your industrial company or for your own personal use.

1. Choose Apple Pages

The reason why we urge you to choose Apple Pages is that it has user-friendly features that help you to create any chart with control, ease, and convenience. The finished files of Apple Pages are even compatible with other software such as MS Word. You could work this to your advantages if ever the need arises for you to switch to another software. Moreover, you can own Apple Pages instantly if you have a Mac PC.

2. Structure The Chart According To Its Purpose

The purpose of your chart should be the determining factor in how you're going to structure its layout. For instance, if your chart's purpose is a data comparison, it's structure must look similar to a pie chart, a bar chart, or a Gantt chart.

3. Collect Every Data You May Need

A chart consists of collections of data to be presented or analyzed, especially if it's a chart for business-use. What you might need are your company's daily reports, weekly reports, monthly reports, and financial reports. Once you've collected them, inject every needed data to its rightful place in your chart.

4. Be Creative If Possible

There's actually no need for you to create your chart creatively. However, it may improve your chart's aesthetic quality and presentability. What you may do to achieve that is to attach useful pictographs, and adjust their grid lines in an unorthodox yet effective manner. An excellent example of this approach is timeline charts. If you're creating a timeline chart, you can use any of our blank timeline chart templates. Some of them can be owned for free, and some can be owned at an affordable price and with better features and quality.

5. Use Chart Templates And Samples

There are some instances wherein you won't have enough time to do other activities, especially if you're a hard-working businessman. For that reason, we encourage you to use any of our chart templates and samples. All of them are compatible with MS Word, MS Excel, MS Publisher, Google Docs, PDF, Apple Numbers, and MS Powerpoint. With their assistance, the only steps you have to do is collect and inject all the needed data. We have organizational chart templates, flow chart templates, seating chart templates, and so much more.

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