Running a profitable company is easier said than done. And when it comes to providing consumers with goods or services, there’s a fair bit of paperwork needed in processing transactions. Part of this involves using invoices, which is important for bookkeeping and billing purposes. If you need a modest yet professional format, then have a look at our Simple Invoice Templates. Quickly create a design for a personal freelance business or a multichain corporation. Are you on macOS? We’ve got you covered, as our samples are 100% customizable in Apple Pages. So, download now—use our content to make an invoice for advertising, catering, and other kinds of businesses!

How to Make a Simple Invoice in Apple Pages

In the world of commercial businesses, invoices are essential when processing and documenting client orders. As explained by Investopedia (an online business resource), invoices contain various order and payment details, with uses such as billing clients and recording transactions. Even a small business benefits from an invoice’s function, improving finance and accounting operations.

Are you using Apple Pages to make a basic invoice with a functional modern design? If so, then consider reading our quick and easy tips, found just below.

1. Give Your Simple Invoice a Proper Size

Invoices are transaction documents sent to your clients, which means they become printed representatives once they’re sent out. Even for a simple invoice, it still needs a presentable look.

After opening a blank document in Apple Pages, head into the File menu and then go to Page Setup. Next, go to Page Size and set the document’s size to match the standard option in your local area.

2. Keep Your Simple Invoice Looking Tidy with Margins

Margins are another aspect that keeps an invoice neat and orderly. By incorporating margins in your document, not only do the contents look more presentable, but they’re also made a lot more readable!

Locate the margin settings by opening the Document menu in the side toolbar (located on the right). Then, set your margins’ measurements to 1 inch by using the Document Margins option.

3. Include Some General Information in Your Simple Invoice

At the top of your document page, write down a title that denotes the invoice’s exact contents. When thinking of what to write, create something similar to “Wedding Photography Bill” or “Interior Design Fee.” Be sure that the title stands out by giving it large and bold text.

Next, your simple invoice needs your business’s name, address, and contact details. Along with that, provide the same information about the given client. There’s also the invoice’s ID number, order number, and creation date.

4. Add Grid Tables for Your Simple Invoice’s Payment Details

Your simple invoice’s main section is the order and billing information (item descriptions, rendered hours, due cash amount, etc.). For this part, you need the Table menu found in Pages’ upper toolbar. From that menu, drag-drop the chosen option onto the desired spot in your document.

And that does it for our tips! You’re now more adept at creating a printable or digital invoice with a sensible design. Lastly, if you need easily editable resources for your document production, go ahead and use our Simple Invoice Templates!

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