How to Create a Simple Certificate in Pages

Whether it's used to acknowledge someone's job experience, performance excellence, or any significant professional attainments, getting certified is essential in testifying that these claims are valid. There's no need to make the design look overly complicated; it just needs to look modern and professionally-designed. For you to be able to create an outline, we present to you a guideline on the certificate creation process that will teach you everything you need to know.

1. Choose A Good Template

A well-designed simple certificate template is bundled up with minimalist designs, limited vectors, and limited fonts. Even if you wish to honor someone, especially a graduate for completing a course, the certificate doesn't need to have a spectrum of vibrant colors to show how you genuinely congratulate the recipient. A simple, clear and concise congratulatory message is all that matters.

2. Don't Overcomplicate the Design

The key step in creating a simple certificate is not to overwork the visual appearance. This means you don't have to put a dozen of flowery adjectives and congratulatory message as it will just make it seem insincere and verbose. You don't have to clutter your layout to express your sincerest appreciation to someone's excellence or favorable deed. Always remember that to make a professionally-designed editable certificate is to make it look simple and minimal.

3. Distinguish Your Messages

When you wish to create a simple certificate in Apple Pages using your MAC or any Apple devices, choose at least three to four varied fonts. The font size will help the readers, especially the recipients, to distinguish the key messages provided in the certificate. Especially when it's used to certify an individual from completing an activity, elaborating your message means making it more comprehensive and understandable.

4. State all the Important Details

Just because you are creating a simple certificate, it doesn't mean you won't make it comprehensive. Especially when making a birth certificate —a document commonly required as a government credential. In addition, you have to ensure that all the details presented are accurate and professionally stated.

Other purposes or types of a certificate that should have simple designs include construction certificates, employment certificates, training certificates, and others.

5. Edit the File in Apple Pages

Now that you have all the aforementioned factors in mind, proceed to create a new file in Apple Pages. Creating a file in Apple Pages doesn't have to be stressful if you already have a sample certificate template which you can fully customize. Whether it's a certification for one's membership, finished projects or activities, employment training, and others.

6. Print And Distribute

Finally, it's time to save your file and print. As soon as you decide to print a printable certificate, you should always remember to use the right paper stock. Since a certificate aims to appreciate someone for his participation (for example), then it has to be printed on a paper with a thicker or firmer texture. Choosing a flimsy one gives the impression that your recipient isn't very valued.

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