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How to Make a Simple Voucher in Apple Pages?

Instead of waiting for the holidays to boost your sales, why don't you do it now with the help of vouchers? An effective voucher gives off a lot of benefits when executed properly.

1. Identify the Type of Voucher Your are Using

There are many types of vouchers being used in businesses. It can be used as a marketing strategy to increase your buyers and your profit, like how a gift certificate and discount coupon works. On the other hand, it can also be used as a receipt for every business payment given.

2. Pick a Voucher Theme

Vouchers allow you to reach potential customers and motivate them to buy from your company. If you satisfy your customers well enough, they will raise the credibility and reputation of your company. For your customers to know what type of business you are running, the design of your voucher should follow the theme of your business. If you need any help in searching for the best designs for your voucher, you can always check for ready-made templates here at PRO which are highly editable in all Apple Pages format.

3. Write Your Voucher Information

Promoting vouchers is a great way to increase and maximize your revenue. To validate your vouchers, you need to input all the necessary information about your business, product discounts, and promo code. At the back of your sample vouchers, allocate an entry for your customer's name, contact details, and signature. Never forget to include your terms and conditions on their payment process.

4. Add the Amount of Discount for Your Voucher

People enjoy receiving free stuff and discounts. State the amount of discount or monetary value you plan to give your customer and add it to your voucher. The discount you offer to them has a great impact on how their decision to buy form your company. In some report, it states that people are not priced sensitive when purchasing a product if they have a voucher with them. Why is that? It is because they consider vouchers as free cash. Tendencies are they will buy more than the amount of what is indicated in the voucher.

5. Set an Expiration Date to Your Vouchers

Though your vouchers don't necessarily need a specific date to be consumed, it needs an expiration date to protect your company budget. At the same time, set limitations onto where your customers are allowed to process their vouchers. If it is a gift voucher, decide which specific shops your customers are allowed to use these vouchers. If it is a school voucher, create a limitation onto how many students can avail the voucher and which schools can process them.

6. Use Eye-Catching Font and Images

Using unique designs make your vouchers stand out from the rest. Personalize your vouchers with eye-catching images and font styles. Vouchers that provides full-color and attractive background designs can compel potential customers to read through your content, and hopefully avail your products and services. Apple Pages is a good medium for you to create good graphic designs for your vouchers.

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