What Is the Purpose of a Wedding Seating Chart?

Many who organize weddings will know how important it is to figure out where all the guests should be placed. There are some who use the seating chart as a way to introduce friends and family to new people. But always remember that its main purpose is to tell all wedding attendees which seats they must occupy during the day of the event.

How to Make a Wedding Seating Chart in Apple Pages

1. Know the Floor Plan

Before you come up with any seating arrangements, you'll need to study up on the floor plan of the venue. This is definitely something that you will need to do as you'll have to work with whatever space you have to ensure optimal spots for both your friends and family. Be sure to take into account the area in which activities are meant to take place and the best spot to position the bride and groom.

2. Decide the Shape of the Tables

You'll notice that many wedding chart samples have shapes that don't just represent chairs. This is because they're also used to identify the tables that each chair is meant to occupy. Start by thinking about the type of tables you'll be using for the wedding. While the majority go for round tables for such an event, it's possible to use standard rectangular ones if you think that they're more suitable. Once that's done, you can choose the shape that best represents the tables you'll be using, think about the number of tables needed, and then place each one into the chart.

3. Categorize Everyone by Groups

If you want to make it easier on yourself, you can always arrange everyone in alphabetical order to determine who gets to be grouped with who. However, it's best that you categorize everyone according to the different groups that will be participating during the wedding. Aside from family members, you'll have high school friends, college friends, and even children that you'll need to accommodate. You can also see who gets along with who so that you'll know who people should be paired up with.

4. Consider Assigning Tables Instead

While most basic charts for seating arrangement point out a specific chair for each individual, you may want to assign tables to different groups instead. Once you have determined who people should be paired up with, you can point out what specific table they're meant to be in and let them decide on their seating arrangement. Doing this can make things easier for you as you won't have to think so much about who goes where.

5. Properly Utilize Apple Pages

Learning how to use Apple Pages is essential for making a proper seating chart on a Mac or any Apple-made devices. Utilizing it effectively means knowing what template to use as well as what type of chart to insert and how to configure different options. Know that you can always view online tutorials to teach you how to properly use the software.

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