How to Create a Wedding Planner in Apple Pages

Tying the knot is probably among the most joyous moments of your life that you’ve been waiting for. As expected, it could get too overwhelming. For most soon-to-be-married couples, you’ll probably feel frustrations starting to kick in. There are also the occurrence of signs that you’re too stressed over wedding planning. Indeed, it is among the most challenging event preparation you’ll ever do. Preparation includes different fundamental areas: budget, supplies, guests, and many others. But don’t forget to enjoy the process. Don’t get too stressed out thinking of failing. Make time to balance planning and leisure.

To make things easy and comfortable, keep a planner with you. Don’t get too drawn with the possibilities. Risks are part of it. But you can always minimize the trouble along the run. With a planner in hand, you can easily go through your objectives. In other words, it helps you get on the right track. So, we provide a list of steps below on how you can create a Wedding Planner in Apple Pages on Mac.

1. Set Requirements

Always start with the basics. By this time, you already know what you want. It could either be a beach wedding or maybe you want to keep it simpler. So, in making sure that your ideas won’t be all over the place, set requirements. Follow your standards, but ensure it’s doable. Prepare to jot down notes. List the wedding essentials: supplies, guest lists, budget, food, venue, and more.

2. Prepare Your Planner

Once you finish drafting your wedding requirements, it’s time to prepare your planner layout. Typically, a planner involves several numbers of pages. So, it would probably eat so much of your time making one. Get a ready-made Wedding Planner Template so you can save more time. You can get yours from this website, customize and print it. You can have the luxury of your time to do other things than laying out your planner. Preparing your template is vital for the next step to be smooth.

3. Create Checklists

Your big event planning is slowly making progress. Now, it’s time to create a checklist! In plotting your list, make sure you include essential items: ceremony and reception venues, budget, decorations, photo and video team, food, and many more. To avoid clutter, section them per item. For example, under the “wedding venue", you can input a list of different options. You can input one item per page. This will be easier for you to locate every file later on.

4. Insert Inspiring Elements

Don’t get too stressed out. Have a sip of coffee, inhale, and think properly. To clear your mind from frustrations and anxiety, play with designs. But do it on a different page. On an empty sheet, add inspirational quotes or images. Make it as a motivation only, but make sure to stick with your plans.

5. Check and Update

Go through your planner and be inspired. This is the stage where you can do a recap. Check if you haven’t missed any important information. Once done, update your binder book from time to time. This doesn’t only function to track your plans, but it’s also a document that serves as a memory.

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