Marriage has been a significant mutual agreement and a very known cultural event across world history. However, the sanctity of marriage has changed radically over the ancient eras. Now, you can make your wedding invites to look like tickets. If you are planning to have wedding tickets, we have a vast collection of beautifully designed Wedding Ticket Templates in Apple (MAC) Pages to use for your wedding. Our ready-made ticket templates are 100% customizable and easily editable for every popular style of wedding tickets. With their high-quality and fancy features, you are going to have a unique wedding ticket that is worth-keeping for your guests. Explore another creative alternative for your wedding invitations by using a DIY entry ticket! Download now!

How to Create a Wedding Ticket in Apple (MAC) Pages

As reported in Statista, there are around 1/3 of adults who longed to get married in 2012, but now the number of married people is substantially lower than it used to be 50 years ago. In present times, there were approximately 2.13 million marriages in the United States in 2018. Now with useful technology, people can discover a lot of new things that may allow them to ponder their creativity when it comes to organizing weddings. For RSVP reasons, wedding tickets now hold an essential purpose, which includes the wedding details, just like a wedding invitation. Such elegant tickets are perfect for tracing the number of guests and for giving the guests a sentimental souvenir.

If you are intrigued and interested as to how to make your wedding tickets unique as much as possible, we have compiled a simple guide that will show you how to design an aesthetic wedding ticket for any type. Read the guide below and prepare yourself.

1. Educate Yourself With Invitations and Tickets

Exploring unique ways to invite your guests over to your event is a new way to entice people. Since you are going to try and create your wedding invitations to look like simple tickets, it would be best if you have your research and familiarize its importance and benefits. In that way, you will be able to know the particular elements that you must include, how to organize the layout design, and which color schemes will work beautifully to make your invitation tickets look genuine.

2. Outline Your Desirable Content

After identifying the following elements that you must include on your tickets, now it is time for you to consider outlining the necessary information that you would like to gather for your tickets. Just like any other printable tickets, the specifics to be emphasized on your wedding tickets must include your location of the wedding ceremony, wedding reception, the date and time of the ceremony, as well as the RSVP statement. Jot down all the information points on the wedding ticket and start saving any images or digital art decors that you intend to use.

3. Utilize a Wedding Ticket Template

For a faster ticket-making process, you can check out some of the sample ticket templates that are set out above. Pick a specific template that best suits your wedding motif, and press the download button. After downloading, launch the template by using Apple (MAC) Pages and start customizing your wedding details.

As you start customizing your event tickets, you can make some improvements to the template design to eventually make your custom tickets worth keeping as a souvenir and worth showing off to other people. Those modifications can include visual elements like images and vectors, or you can also alter the color palette to something which suits the motif of the wedding.

4. Print Your Tickets

Wedding tickets are almost as similar to ordinary wedding invitations as they apply the very same concept when designing and printing them. Your total number of target guests will possibly be more or less than you have calculated, so it would be better to have backup softcopies on hand.

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