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How to Make A Wedding Invitation Template in Apple Pages

Share a meaningful and memorable experience during your wedding day with the people whom you treasure. Invite them to attend your wedding day by sending them an invitation card. Although there are alternatives in requesting their attendance like calling them personally. Well, calling them personally is indeed intimate but, it can be a hassle, especially when you have a lot of people to invite. So, you might as well use a wedding invitation. You can create one sample invitation and produce many copies of it.

If you are enticed to do this, then we offer you this article that will give you some tips on making the ideal wedding invitation for your wedding.

1. Opt Apple Pages

When making design materials digitally, you will need an application that will assist you in making one. There are a lot of applications that allow you to do it. However, if you have no experience with sophisticated design applications, you can use the word-processing application, Apple Pages. This application is easy to manipulate and it has tools that are perfect for creating a wedding invitation. This application, however, is only available on Mac computers.

2. Choose A Card Orientation

Before going to the specifics, you need to determine what orientation is your wedding card going to be. Is it going to be in portrait orientation? Or landscape orientation? Consider what you need to write and the design of your card before you make a decision. Both are functional and have their advantages. Ponder on which if the two have a nice visual flow.

3. Brainstorm On Invitation Design

The typical wedding card design has a floral and elegant appearance. If you want to differentiate yourself from the norms, try new designs. Be creative and open your eyes to a wide variety of designs. You can go for rustic, vintage, watercolor, chalkboard, sunflower designs, and so much more. Try anything and everything for you to identify what you truly want. Nonetheless, there is nothing wrong if you want to stick to the norms. Just be yourself when you devise the overall appearance of your event invitation card.

4. Use A Suitable Font

When you have the perfect invitation design, you need a suitable font. Play around with gorgeous fonts. You can use Stylish Calligraphy, Windsong, Miama, etc. The font you need to use when making a wedding card has to be complementary to the background design.

5. Encode The Wedding Details

The critical element of a wedding card is the details or wording. Your invitation needs to have all the details that will inform your invitee about the wedding. Commonly, you'll find the invitation card title, the date and time of the wedding, the venue of the wedding, and the name of the guest in almost all formal invitation. Do remember to write everything correctly, try to recheck to avoid mistakes. Try to spell out everything as much as possible. The wording needs to be formal, legible, and straightforward. Once you're done, save your document and start mass-producing.

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