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How to Make an Original Cleaning Business Card?

A cleaning business card is a type of business card made for cleaning businesses, like house cleaning businesses, window cleaning businesses, dry cleaning businesses, and other types of cleaning services. Typically, business cards are small cards that are handed out. They contain the name of a person or a business, as well as their address and contact information.

cleaning business card template

Cleaning businesses are often advertised by word of mouth. Level up the way of promotions of your cleaning business by using a cleaning business card. Making a proper vintage business card shouldn't be too difficult, although, if you are a beginner, you may feel a bit unsure of how to go about the process. Scroll down to read a few tips on making a cleaning business card.

1. Ask Yourself: How Do I Want to Market My Business?

Business cards are a small representation of an individual or a business. Before you can go about creating the design of your corporate business card, you have to ask yourself how you want to market your business. Once you think about it, you should soon have an idea of how you want your cleaning business card to turn out.

2. Do Your Research

Research on good business card designs. This doesn't necessarily mean looking for designs that are simply pleasing to look at, but you should also look for designs that people prefer seeing on a printable business card. Look for inspiration in creating a design for your cleaning business card by browsing blogs and threads. You should also research other tips (don't rely merely on this small compilation) on making your cleaning business cards.

3. Create an Aesthetic Design

Once you have done your research, you can now create an aesthetic design for your cleaning business card. When making the design make sure that your simple business card is clean and easy to look at. Avoid putting an excess of graphics, and do not make your card too wordy. You will want your card to look clean and easy to read. Putting too much stuff in your business card will just make it look cluttered up.

4. Gather Opinions About Your Design

It is important that your cleaning business card design should appeal to the masses. Ask other people for their opinion about your cleaning business card design. Did you know that 39% of people will not contact or do business with you if your modern business card looks tacky? That is why it is vital to pay attention to the business card's design and layout. At the same time, you shouldn't make your card look too sophisticated and fancy. This will make your cleaning business appear expensive and exclusive.

5. Polish Your Card

Make sure that you input all correct contact details into your business card. Proofread and avoid making any errors. 88% of business cards that are given out get thrown away in a span of a week or less. Make your sample business card a card that is worthy to be kept.

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