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What is a Cleaning Contract?

The purpose of this type of contract is to make sure that the cleaning service provider and the client are legally bound to fulfill whatever obligations they have agreed upon. The document contains all of the details concerning how and when the service will be provided and how the client will provide ample compensation. Whether it's for house cleaning or commercial cleaning, this type of contract is made to ensure that the parties involved get what they expect.

How to Create a Cleaning Contract?

cleaning contract template

1. Identify the Service Provider and Client

The first thing to do is to point out exactly who is involved in the contract agreement. You will have to identify which plays the role of the service provider and which one the client. Determine who is who and then place their complete names into the document. Also, include the complete address of both parties and any other information such as his/her job position title if necessary.

2. Provide Details on the Cleaning Service

It is here where you will need to provide all of the information necessary for one to learn about the service contract that is to be provided. Let's say that you are making a janitorial cleaning service contract with another individual. You'll want the document to cover what specific areas will be cleaned and how the cleaning will be done. It must always contain a list of the cleaning materials and basic equipment that will be used and who will be responsible for providing them.

3. Specify Details Regarding Payment

Start by pointing out the type of payment. Will the cleaning service provider be paid by the hour? Is it a fixed rate? Or perhaps it will depend on the amount of work to be done? Be sure to make this clear. Then you'll want to place the payment schedule that tells the client when he/she is required to pay. Also, include the method of payment that the client is allowed to use. The more options available, the more likely that the client will pay on time.

4. Explain How Disputes Will be Solved

It is possible that the parties involved may run into issues that will force them into disputes. The contract must point out exactly how they should be handled. Both the client and service provider must discuss the matter and decide if they want to handle it themselves or lead the decision up to a judge. This section of the contract can also be used to point out what laws will apply if necessary to solve the dispute.

5. Provide Details Regarding Termination

There has to be an agreement on how either party may terminate the contract should they no longer wish to have the cleaning service done. A proper explanation regarding how both may do so is required. Also, this section must also point out the legal consequences should either party fail to fulfill their obligations are under breach of contract.

6. Place Spaces for Signing

Lastly, make sure to provide spaces where the parties involve can place their complete names and legitimate signatures. This is to show that the two are willing to accept the terms and push through with the cleaning service. Make sure that there is also a space for placing the date in which the contract is signed should the parties come to a legal agreement.

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