Promote your cleaning service business by creating an informative and eye-catching flyer that stands out from the competition using our premium templates. Browse through our wide variety of ready-made templates and get to download them for free. They are professionally designed and use high-quality layout, artwork, images, text and graphic files. Get to attract customers to avail of your services and get to fully customize the content of your flyer. These come in either tri-fold or bi-fold. Print-ready, perfect for commercial as well as personal printing. You can even share your file digitally. Easily editable in all versions of Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Illustrator (.ai), Indesign, Microsoft Word (.doc), Publisher, Apple Pages, Mac, and Google Docs.

When it comes to flyers for a cleaning business, it’s just the same as every other flyer, right? Wrong. Cleaning service flyers such as home cleaning, business, or commercial cleaning flyers need to create ripples in order to be noticed in a vast sea of competition. A well designed flyer gets target customers to notice and contact you, which in turn should help increase your revenue.

Here are a few tips in designing effective cleaning flyers to take your cleaning service to newer heights of success:

  • Design your flyer to grab the attention of any reader. A boring flyer containing all text will surely not garner attention compared to a flyer with photos and highlighted text and other design elements. Use them well to your advantage. To create highly attractive flyers for marketing your services, use only ready made, premium design, and easily downloadable cleaning flyer examples from

  • Try not to put in too much information into your flyer. Securing a focus point for your services helps in getting that decision to choose you. Have a main point and be sure to drive it all the way home. For designer quality and fully editable cleaning flyer templates, choose only to experience the joys of simple but effective flyers that are not only free but completely easy to insert images with and easily printable anytime and anywhere.

  • Use photos where necessary to highlight a point. Photos also help people visualize the kind of service you are offering, so be very deliberate in choosing which photo so feature for your simple flyer. Capture your target customer with cleaning flyer templates instantly accessible upon download from

  • Incorporate pleasing color combinations for the eyes. Make your flyer instantly readable with information condensed into the flyer. People walking past should easily be able to get information from the flyer on the first glance. Proper use of color and text combinations does this. Get things done the right way using cleaning flyer templates from the site.

  • Incorporate your satisfied customer homes and feature one or two. By showing clear results, potential customers will trust your service as a result of personal experience testimonies of your loyal customers.

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Make cleaning synonymous with your name using effective cleaning flyer templates from the site. Visit the site and click on the download button under any template you like. It’s fast, simple and economical - exactly everything you promise your cleaning service to be.

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