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What Is a Cocktail Menu?

A cocktail menu allows a customer to choose from your bar's collection of cocktails based on price, design, and whatever it is that attracts customers. A good drinks menu should have staple drinks that can be adjusted according to events like weddings, Christmas, or through the seasons and which ingredients are available.

How to Create a Cocktail Menu

When making a good cocktail menu, it needs to not only be eye-catching but must also give accurate information about the menu and be economically beneficial to the establishment. So here are a few tips for you if you want to make a sample menu as gorgeous as your Bloody Mary:

1. Paint a Picture of Your Bar

Your editable menu must be a reflection of your establishment. If your bar caters to the highborn and the classy, then your menu must appeal to the wealthy. If your bar, on the other hand, caters to college students and local everyday people, then it doesn't have to be as flashy.

2. Have Great Cocktails

This doesn't just refer to the taste; if your cocktail doesn't look good on the photo of your simple menu, then how will it appeal to your customer? Feed your customer's eyes before you excite their pallets.

3. Be Adjustable

This doesn't mean that you should only have different drinks per season as in-house staples will always keep your regulars, but certain drinks that can change from season to season and special drinks on certain events like weddings, beach-themed parties, etc., can give diversity to your consumers. Special themes like "summerfest parties" or "college graduation rave parties" that come once in a while with one-time special drinks (i.e. drinks only served at those kinds of themes) can also help boost profits and make your bar and modern menu diverse.

4. Amount and Arrangement of Choices

This may not seem much, but there's a technique to this. Bartenders say that putting your most profitable drinks (they don't have to be the cheapest or most expensive, just the ones your customers are likely to buy) first on the menu will bring in more revenue for you as a business. You also have to consider how many cocktails you actually serve. Another tip bartenders tell us is that when you have too many drinks on the printable menu, it confuses customers because they don't know what they exactly want, so keep it somewhere in the middle so that they have choices of drinks varying in the price range and style but not too many that your customers don't know what to go for.

5. Prices Matter

The prices of your drinks should also be accurate because you don't want customers complaining to the front desk demanding to see the manager for a drink that cost two dollars but was actually priced at one on the menu. Your price accuracy matters almost as much as the actual prices of your drinks. One helpful tip we can provide you is to ditch the currency signs because it has a negative effect on your customers.

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