Cocktail Menu Illustrator Templates

Prepare Beautiful Cocktail Menus for Your Restaurant or Party with's Free Cocktail Menu Templates for Illustrator. Put Your Tropical Cocktail Recipe, Alcoholic Drinks, and Other Items to Your Art Deco, Christmas, or Tiki Designed Menu Template. Our Menus Have Alluring Designs, Like Tri Fold Brochure and Flyer Templates. Edit Using Microsoft Word, PSD, or Others. Download Now!See more

Serving drinks can be a hassle, but with a menu in tow, you will be able to manage. If you are searching for a way to make a menu for your cocktails, then look no further! Take a look at our Free Ready-Made Cocktail Menu in Illustrator now. With its suggestive content, you can create your menu without having to start from scratch. And with all the user-friendly features, you can get it done in no time at all. Download these templates with all the convenience it entails. Do it now and get your cocktail business on a roll!

How to Produce a Cocktail Menu in Illustrator

With the United States being the origin of cocktails, it sure has a lot of revenue with the fact that around 392,009 liters of prepared cocktails have been consumed there, according to a recent study in May 2018. Make your cocktail menu stand out and you will get a lucrative amount in this business! Continue reading if you’re having some challenges on getting started with your menu:

1. Set Up Your Design

A good way to start putting content on your cocktail menu is by deciding the overall design and appearance. Plan out where the photos, logo, and what the color scheme of it is going to be. Think of the outline of your menu’s content. Figure out the font you’ll choose for the text and the positioning of the words and graphics. Choose whether the menu’s background is a solid color or an image. You need to make sure it will have a memorable design. Once you are done planning them all out, making it will be easier from here on.

2. Pour Some Photos

Most menus used to keep it simple, but modern menus incorporate photos to bring their menus to life and giving their customers a visual of what they are selling. To make yours more memorable you may add photos of the cocktails. With our templates’ features, you’ll be able to incorporate it into Illustrator without any hassle. Be careful about the placement of the images in case they overlap on some of the words and make it unreadable. And finally, make sure the photos/graphics aren’t too large or they’ll grab the attention of the reader more than the written text. Keep all this in mind, and your customers will marvel at your wonderfully made menu.

3. Aesthetics and Themes

If your business has an event coming or a theme, then you can incorporate it into your menu as well. If your bar has a minimalist look, you can extend that theme to your menu with a simple design. And if it has an upcoming event plan, say a Halloween party, then you can change it up a bit and edit your menu with a cool design for the night. Incorporating these aspects to your menu will make customers find them visually appealing and memorable, which in turn will help strengthen your brand.

4. Mix the Descriptions In

Adding the description of the drinks in your layout lets your customers know what is in their drink and give your customers an idea of what they would like to order. For example, if you serve the cocktail Tom Collins, you can add a description of it being made from gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup, and serve with ice. This can make your bar drinks list a fun read for your customers as well while they browse through the menu. Take note though, no one likes a menu with a lot of words, so try to be short and concise!