Cocktail parties are great when you want to gather old friends and meet new ones in a fun way. Making your own invitation is enjoyable in party planning, but sometimes there are other matters you have to attend to for the preparations. Finish your invitations with style with these ready-made templates on Cocktail Party Invitation Templates. Create interesting designs on dinner party invitation, funny party invitation, classy invitations, formal invitations, fancy invitations, professional invitations, and elegant invitations of your choice. Applicable to any event, these beautifully designed templates are 100% customizable and editable in Illustrator, MS Word, Apple Pages, Photoshop, and Publisher formats. Don't wait any longer, save the date and download these high-quality templates today!

What Is a Cocktail Party Invitation?

A cocktail party invitation is a written or verbal request by the party host to invite guests to attend a cocktail party. In the most general sense, a cocktail party is an organized party where most people would socialize with one another while standing, as they eat appetizers and drink cocktails. This method is done to occupy guest, as well as to reduce the number of guests who arrive late in the event.

How to Write a Cocktail Party Invitation

Printable Invitations are important when you hold an event. Informing your guests lets you know who are coming and who are not. Plus, interesting invitations create a first impression to your guest. Make a beautiful, professional, and a well-organized cocktail party invitation with just these simple steps.

1. Identify Your Event

Cocktails are very popular in business because they finish early and are less expensive. Still, cocktail events are held in different occasions such as weddings and pre-weddings, birthdays, bachelor parties, Christmas parties, appreciation day, fundraisers, grand opening events, and even on holidays. Coordinate your invitation card to the theme of your event.

2. Choose Your Cocktail Party

There are different types of cocktail parties—the true cocktail party, the cocktail buffet, and the cocktail reception. A true cocktail party starts around 5–7 pm. Hors d’oeuvres are served with alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks. Cocktail buffets are usually held on business parties and corporate events. This occurs around 6–9 pm, so, most food are prepared for dinner. Lastly, cocktail receptions are the most formal among the other cocktails. This is where significant announcements and honors are made, and a specified dress code is given. Include this information in your formal invitation.

3. List Down Your Guest

The next step is to identify and list down your invited guests. Make a headcount on how many people are invited, and check the capacity of your venue. Create a checklist on who you plan to invite and list down their contact information. Get their phone numbers to inform them orally about the upcoming event, and then get their personal address to deliver your event invitations to them. Make sure to invite the most important people of the event.

4. Design Your Invitation Card

There are plenty of creative invitation designs you can choose from. Your design would vary on your chosen theme to complement the occasion. You can create classy and elegant designs, formal and professional designs, fancy designs, or tropical themed designs for your invitation cards. Don't forget to provide white space. Be creative with your designs. If you're having a hard time picking one, you can always choose from our best templates on cocktail party invitation.

5. Add the Details on the Invitation

After choosing your designs, add the needed details for your creative invitation. Include the information about your party's date, venue, and the time it begins and ends. You may include a list of your program and the emcee of the event. Once you finish your invitation cards, you may disseminate them to your invited guests.

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