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How to Make a Cocktail Menu in Adobe Photoshop

When talking about cocktails, you can probably imagine the noise, music, and toast behind the bar stand where a bartender is mixing some drinks — or perhaps thinking about where cocktail all starts. 

Let's look back at history, in the 1800s in Hudson, New York, the Balance and Columbian Repository newspaper defined cocktail's nature as a stimulating liquor or also called a bittered sling. It is composed of different kinds of alcohol and other mixed elements. Later on, as the number of people fond of drinking increases, cocktail enters the mainstream. People found the creative way of mixing, so cocktails include both non-alcoholic and wine-based drinks on the list. Up until now, cocktails have been rampant and loved by drink enthusiasts. 

After knowing the background of cocktail's, if you decide to open a cocktail's business, it is vital to have a well-crafted cocktail menu for the guest to look at. Below are some tips you could follow:

1. Enlist All of Your Cocktail Drinks

Before anything else, you need to jot down all of the available cocktail drinks in your bar or restaurant. Then, arrange the cocktails according to their specific category. A well organized and classified drinks menu makes comprehensive and convenient for the customers when choosing their desired drinks.

2.Describe the Details

Embellishing cocktails with a name hooks the customers to taste your offer; plus, when added with a short and simple description of ingredients, make a perfect combo. It somehow illustrates a story behind every drink, which most cocktail enthusiasts want to know. Aside from that, you can recommend some food accompaniment on the side of each cocktail's description. But remember that so much information could make the clientele overwhelm, and the chalkboard menu looks pretentious.

3. Display Your Signature Cocktails

Highlight your bar's top-selling drinks, which the guests frequently order. Or perhaps, your business' personal favorites that you can highly recommend. In doing so, you can exhibit an authentic identity that serves as your edge to the competitors. You may opt to do it by placing "best seller" products in the first section on your simple menu. 

4 Establish a Creative Appearance

Designs feature a spotlight on your menu board. It creates an enticing effect to the eyes of the customers. To achieve that, all you need to do is to attach images of each type of cocktail. You can also change the background color if you want to, but ensure that the color scheme you used coincide with the menu's theme. Besides, typography elevates the tone of your list, so try using different fonts. 

5. Promote Your Business

Your business can be promoted in various ways, such as flyers and posters. However, with the advent of technology, marketing your business online with social media and websites can be quickly done. It is an advantage point if your company has a presence online as the study reveals that many potential customers do research online before stepping into a bar. Doing these things will encourage people to engage in an experience your business could offer.