Construction businesses never develop on physical labor singularly. The companies must dedicate themselves to building a strong corporate identity as much as they concentrate on making on creating strong structures. This is achieved by creating a beautifully designed letterhead. But as an owner, it is only believable that you will not have the time to design it from scratch yourself. At, we guarantee you the best letterhead designs that are 100% customizable, high-quality, and professionally crafted. Plus, these templates are downloadable in various file formats such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Microsoft Word,  Publisher, and Apple Pages where you can easily edit them to fit your company’s brand and business specifics. Get yours with our PRO subscription today!

How to Craft a Letterhead for a Construction Company?

construction letterhead template

To display professionalism and establish brand identity in the form of printing collateral, designing a letterhead for your documents such as construction agreements would be a great choice. Doing so will be simple if you follow the steps provided below.

1. Sketch

Before you turn on your computer or any digital device and start designing your letterhead, it would help if you draw a draft or make a simple pre-construction list to describe the design you want to achieve. By doing this, you can clearly picture out how your letterhead will look like and how you will fit the logo, texts, and other graphic elements into a limited space.

2. Launch a Program

Now that you already have an idea on how to craft a letterhead, open a program that will allow you to make a good graphic design. You can design your own letterhead according to your business requirements and specifics using the multiple application available over the internet. If you want to save time though, you can download or purchase the best printable letterhead templates and mockups for your construction project or business from us.

3. Choose Colors and Fonts

Associating your construction firm with one particular color will increase its brand recognition up to 80%, which is why it is highly beneficial if you choose the right colors not just for your letterhead but also for your company branding. Select a color scheme that would best represent your company and at the same time make your letterhead look professional and attractive. For the font style, make sure it would maintain the look of professionalism in your letterhead and is legible in both print media and digital media.

4. Attach a Logo

A logo design is one of the most important elements of your construction company’s brand, it creates a significant impact on the perception of the public towards the company. For the receiver of your business letter to immediately recognize your company, attach a logo in your letterhead. It would be ideal if you place the logo at the topmost portion of your building construction letterhead, construction company letterhead, or government contractor letterhead.

5. Add Details

Now, you have to start adding the necessary details in your simple letterhead. You should include not just the company name but also its address, phone number, email address, website, and other contact details. Also, make sure that your company name will stand out.

6. Save

After having reviewed your design, save it as a PDF file to retain its format. Moreover, you can create a lasting impression by using the best paper stock for your letterhead. To be consistent with your branding, you may also use your letterhead design in creating an envelope for your business letter.

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