How to Create a Construction Letterhead Template in Adobe Illustrator?

Business branding serves as the pillar of one business function. Aside from it establishes one company identity, branding helps one business to garner potential customers through brand recognition. In a published article by Big Presence, the improper establishment of branding is listed as the top reason why a business doesn't function for a period.

Building a start-up business is indeed tough, especially in building a construction company branding. Considering the tight competition of the construction industry in this era, one can think of what are the possible ways and means to establish a brand. That is why we render below a guide on how you can build your construction brand by starting with a business letterhead.

1. Know your Brand

Since branding serves as the foundation of your construction company, you need to know the nature of your construction branding that you are going to subsume into your letterhead layout. Since studying your business' brand would only take you a little amount of time, all you need to do is jot down the vital aspect of your brand that you need to include to your letterhead. Do you want to apply your construction firm's color scheme into your letterhead? Or you want to include your company logo or a construction sign?

2. Include Vital Wordings

Fundamentally, the letterhead is an introduction to your formal letter. It contains a gist of what your company is, the location, and other specific details that you can also add in your construction ID card. With this said, don't forget to include all the vital elements of your construction company. You can start it by listing down the basic elements of your business, such as the name, address, contact details, or tagline using a sheet.

3. Make it Creative

Creative letterheads quickly draw the attention of your specific readers. For some, they would directly look first into your company letterhead before they read your letter itself. That is why in crafting the layout of your construction letterhead, make sure that you creatively plot it by determining whether to place your letterhead. Is it going to be on the left side of your letter layout, to the right, or the middle? Remember, your letterhead must grasp the attention of your reader, for this is where the brand awareness process begins.

4. Test it By Printing

For you to ensure that you've achieved the right quality, you can opt to print your printable letterhead. Check if it matches your desired outcome in terms of its aesthetic look and structure. If you think that you need to fill some adjustments, you can go back to your file and customize its specifications according to your preference.

5. Opt for a Template

For you to quickly create a construction letterhead, resorting to a ready-to-use template is your choice. If you get to scan our website above, you can see our wide variety of sample letterhead templates. Feel free to pick and use them, for all of them are accessible for you to use.

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