How to Make a Corporation Organizational Chart in PDF

Based on an article from Chron, a competent and formal organizational structure allows established or small business to have a clear presentation of processes and management. Hence, if you want your corporation to operate well, you will need to have a material where you can professionally layout your organizational structure—like an organizational chart. Below are tips on how to make a corporation organizational chart. Here's how.

1. Identify the Purpose

Identifying the purpose of your corporation organizational chart allows you to have a clear concept and ideas of what necessary text and designs to incorporate in your company chart. Are you going to make a corporation organizational chart to present the authority structure of the accounting department? Or for the marketing and production area? Or for the organization as a whole? Whatever that is, it is essential to determine it first so that you can layout and prepare the basic components to showcase in your chart material.

2. Select the Format

Corporation organizational charts can use both portrait and landscape orientation. However, the chosen style format should be enough to cater to the weight of the corporate sample charts' text and outline. So to help you select the perfect orientation to use, you have to take into account your purpose and the number of sections you want to incorporate in your corporation organizational chart.

For instance, if your objective is to layout the organizational structure of your corporation as a whole—which means you have to include every department in your chart—it would be best to select the landscape orientation. But if you only want to focus on a specific area in your corporation, you can choose the portrait format.

3. Outline Your Organizational Chart

After you have selected the format for your corporation organizational chart, it is now time for you to craft the outline. This section means you have to create the visual elements of your material—which is adding boxes or shapes of your choice where you can encode your text and lines to connect each box from to bottom—regardless of how you want your blank chart to look as long as it is clear and concise.

4. Input the Content

Your corporation organizational chart presents a series of management processes of your company—from the most prominent position down to the least ones. That is why your corporation department chart placeholders should consist of the names and title position of each employee. However, your text may depend on your purpose. You can also add other details as long as it is readable for everybody.

5. Save in PDF

Once your corporation organizational chart document is ready, you can already proceed to save your file. Organizational charts are open for any updates. Thus, you have to keep your simple chart in a file format that you access anytime. There are a lot of file formats that are capable of the responsibility, and of those is PDF. Portable Document Format (PDF) allows you to edit files instantly. PDF also enables you to display or present your organizational chart file on any device. Thus, it makes your corporation organizational chart available for everyone at all times.

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