Facebook Templates

The Facebook Logo and Messenger App Logo are Arguably The Most Recognizable Icons on Social Media. Almost Everyone Has a Facebook Login Filled With Thousands of Friends They Love! If You Have One, Explore the Free Facebook Templates of Use Them to Enhance Your Cover Photo, Banner, and Wallpaper! See more

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  • Mother's Day Facebook App Cover Template

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  • Valentine's Day Facebook Template

  • The high rise of social media in this era is keeping up along with the zooming of the business industry. As a businessman, it is a smart move to make use of social media platforms other than traditional marketing channels to reach different audiences. Feel free to download our Facebook Templates, and allow your business to appear on a person’s news feed. We guarantee you that all of our advertising banner templates are editable for your layout needs. Create, launch, and share your promotional designs on social media by simply customizing the template that will fit your brand. Download these practical, professional, premium templates today!

    What Is a Facebook Ad Banner?

    A Facebook ad banner is a digitally designed marketing material used in a web-based platform. It is used to market products or services to a large number of audiences, specifically social media audiences.

    How to Create a Facebook Ad Banner

    As of September 2018, the average number of Facebook active users increases at around 1.49 billion. Most of the users spend the application on an average time of 35 minutes per day and would access the site six to eight times. The demographic statistics prove that making use of Facebook as your advertising avenue would be your great advantage. 

    Creating an ad banner for your desired social media ad is just like crafting any other marketing material like printed pamphlets. If you finally decided to make use of the platform as your means of marketing, make sure to check on our available templates above. Moreover, we also provided a guide below on how you can achieve an effective and efficient Facebook ad banner.

    1. Choose Your Layout Application

    In picking the right editing application for your use, take into consideration the tools and the compatibility of the program. There are different editing software available in the market that would fit you. If it is your first time to do a layout project, programs like Adobe Photoshop would best fit your editing needs.

    2. Determine Your Banner Size

    Carefully decide the actual size that would fit your banner layout design. Your layout size would determine the design volume that you can use in your ad banner layout. A typical Facebook banner size would run at around 820 x 312 pixels on a computer and 640 x 360 pixels on a smartphone. However, if you opt to choose our graphic templates above, all of them can be customized to your desired size.

    3. Pick Your Design Elements

    After selecting the application and actual size for your Facebook ad banner, now is the time where you can now start formulating your aesthetic design. In determining your design, you can refer to the branding of your product or service that you want to market. Just make sure to use the best high-quality design objects such as vector art, typography, images, and color scheme for your ad banner.

    4. Place Your Banner Wordings

    If you opt to include wordings for your banner, make sure to input it to your design carefully. Don't bore-out your audiences. It is highly recommended not to include a high amount of sentences in your banner. Keep your wordings short and concise. Not unless if you want to have an infographic type of sample banner.

    5. Strategize And Schedule Your Posting

    To maximize your social media engagement, follow a specific timeframe wherein you can boost your Facebook banner. If you opt to promote a product or service, it is best for you to post your banner in these specified schedules: Wednesday at 1 p.m. and Friday at 11 a.m. The safest time to post on weekdays from 10 a.m.–5 p.m. Meanwhile, the lowest social media engagement is on Sunday and every day from 10 p.m.–4 a.m.