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How to Make a Development Gantt Chart?

The Gantt chart's features, such as the timeline table, timeline bar chart, etc., according to Study, serves as an excellent tool in tracking the progress of a particular project or activity. At the same time, it serves as an excellent guide in presenting the roles and responsibilities assigned for the tasks and the expected deliverables of the project.

1. Enumerate the Tasks and Schedule for Your Project

Start by identifying your project's goals. Enumerate your tasks, activities, and the workflow of your project. You may categorize larger tasks into subgroups to make it understandable for your readers. Then, add a specific schedule for each activity.

2. Set the Duration for Each Task of Your Project

Whether you are performing software development, a construction project, or an event planning, you need to set the duration of each task stated in your Gantt chart. Then indicate the names of the people who shall take full responsibility for each task.

3. Insert the Dates and Add the Description of Your Task in the Chart

Now that you have set the duration for each task insert your dates in the chart. Be sure to display the start and completion date for each task. Don't forget to include the holidays in your calculation, your employees also need to rest, and you don't want to miss your deadline.

4. Organize, Design, and Finalize Your Gantt Chart

Once you have described how each task shall take place, organize, and design your organizational chart. Keep it clear and straightforward, then finalize everything before you submit it to your manager.

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