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What is a Development Proposal?

A development proposal is a written document prepared in order to persuade your prospects to adapt to the proposal's solution to a problem or need. There are also different types and forms of a proposal aside from development proposal. Software, content, simple, project, and bid proposals are just some of them. In order to achieve an effective and attracting development proposal, you need to construct it strategically. Present it in a compelling way where you can ignite and allure the interest of your prospects. 

How to Write a Development Proposal

development proposal template

According to, the main purpose of a development proposal is to elucidate the various components of a typical grant proposal. These proposals are actually helping us save time by identifying our goals and helping us achieve them. With proposals, we can develop concrete strategies on how we can achieve those goals. Now that you have realized its importance, you can now start making your own development proposal with the help of this simple guide steps.

1. Know Your Readers

The first step in making a proposal is knowing who and whom do you address your proposal. For example, if you're making a proposal for web development and you're going to present it in front of the board, think of how familiar they are already with the topic. The answer to this situation would be your basis whether you need to add supplementing details or background information to your planned proposal.

2. Make a Thorough Research

Conducting research is important in proposal making because this will build your credibility on the topic. It will also help you provide different solutions to every problem that you can pinpoint in your proposal research helps you gather supporting facts, tables, charts and important stats that will be helpful in your development proposal making. Using one's own opinion isn't enough in making a proposal, you need to back it up with information's from credible sites that will help you get the support of your readers.

3. Interest Your Readers

The number one rule in making a proposal is to make it interesting. You need to attract the attention of your readers by creating a very catchy introduction. According to, an introduction should do two things: engage the reader and set yourself up as a credible source. A proposal introduction plays a vital role in a proposal because these are the basis of some readers whether the content of the proposal is worth reading for.

4. Present the Problem

In this step, you need to present and define the problem. What is the issue that you wish to be resolved in your development proposal outline? In doing that you need to address the cause of the problem, why did it happen, and what are the side effects that have developed because of it. Discuss the problem thoroughly to your readers and use the different research data that you have gathered in order to support them.

5. Show Solutions

Lastly, is to provide solutions. Deliver the purpose of your proposal by suggesting solutions to the problems you have pointed out. Be persuasive in writing the solutions, because your aim is not just to convince them, but you also need them to support you. You can also add up different supporting discoveries and scopes to the professional proposal with the use of facts, case studies, and statistics.