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What Is the Purpose of a Christmas Flyer?

A Christmas flyer is an advertisement customized to the theme of Christmas to promote products, services, and offers of any business. It is a strategy used by many on the days leading up to Christmas to make promotions and offer exciting deals. By using flyers, they have better chances of getting people into wanting what they have to offer. However, know that it doesn't have to be all business-related as there are some who use the flyers for more wholesome purposes. For example, it can be used as a way to promote donation drives or charity events that take place during the Christmas season. 

How to Make a Christmas Flyer in MS-Word?

MS-Word is by-far the best application to use to make flyers, brochures or any document that requires graphics incorporated into the text. Such an application helps you to use their multiple features and creatively involve yourself in making a very personalized design with complete information. The steps to make a Christmas Flyer are as follows:

Step 1: Choose a Theme

If you are to make a Christmas flyer, on the "Design Tab" select the "Watermark Option". Then go to custom watermark to insert a picture signifying the theme of Christmas. Also, select or "clear washout" and press "OK". 

Step 2: Insert Complete Content

Whether you are promoting an offer, making an advertisement for a new service launched, make sure you have written on the information on the document itself. Do not overcrowd it with instruction but fill in the necessary details. Select "Insert" and then "Insert Text" option to write details.

Step 3: Structure and Formatting

Remember the purpose of the flyer is to publicize your business. It is to be transferred via mail or physically through hands. Keep space for cutting and formating. At the "Header and footer Option" under "Insert", determine the dimensions of the flyer beforehand. Select the "Page Layout" and "Size" option to manage the formatting of the document.

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