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How to Make Christmas Cards in Microsoft Word

Give your friends and family members a beautiful and memorable Christmas card this year by actually making your own. Below, we've got a list of instructions that can help you make Christmas cards easily using Microsoft Word.

1. Decide on a Specific Format

Greeting cards in general, not just Christmas cards, come in a variety of formats that you can use, and these include handmade, decorated, and photo cards. Before you begin designing your Christmas cards, be sure to decide on a format that you think would work for your recipients. While many would prefer to use one design for all recipients, it would be better to personalize each card according to its recipient while sticking to the same format.

2. Get Ideas from Established Greeting Card Publishers

We all know that if you're into DIY projects, Pinterest is the best source of inspiration because it has about everything you need for your project. However, you can also get ideas from established greeting card publishers such as Hallmark, American Greetings, and Blue Mountain. Gather as many ideas as you need from their collection of modern card designs, but make sure not to replicate it.

3. Make a Sketch of the Basic Design

Considering you already have an idea of how your Christmas cards should look, it is highly recommended that you sketch the basics of your card design. This way, it'll be a lot easier for you to gather the materials and supplies you need, and it'll also be easier for you to translate it to Microsoft Word. When making the sketch, you might want to consider certain aspects of the design such as the color, motif, and the message.

4. Prepare All the Materials and Supplies

After developing ideas for your Christmas card and sketching a creative design, you can start preparing the materials to be used for creating it. Start by choosing a type of paper, and you can choose whether to use scrapbook paper or cardstock. Also, don't forget to buy an envelope since you'll need something for sending the cards. And if you wish to add more enhancements to your Christmas cards, you will also need to purchase decorative supplies.

5. Create Your Christmas Cards Using Microsoft Word

By opening a new document in Microsoft Word, you can finally start working on your Christmas cards by putting together the things and details that you've prepared in the previous steps. When adding images, be sure to change its text wrapping option to allow you to freely drag and drop it across the layout. For some of the text, those that require emphasizing, you might get better results if you use word art or those that are generated from third-party sites.

6. Write Your Personalized Message

Since Microsoft Word is a document or text processing application, you can easily add your personalized message to it, just make sure to observe proper formatting. Also, you might want to review your work after every sentence and after writing the whole message because Word's spelling and grammar checker is often flawed. If you want to make your holiday cards even more personalized, you can also write your message by hand.

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