Invite friends and family to a special Christmas gathering by sending them a wonderful personalized invitation card. To help you, we offer our wide range of Christmas Invitation Templates that you can download for free. These files are ready-made and easy to use in all versions of Microsoft Word. We have all kinds of template designs including simple, modern, elegant, minimalistic, creative, vintage, chalkboard, and many more. They come with an attractive color scheme and well-written content that you can customize according to your preference with little to no hassle. Available in 5x7 inches sizes with bleed. Download now for free!

How To Make A Christmas Invitation Template In MS Word

Christmas brings the spirit of giving and a season where reunions of all sort are ideal. To bring an extra special touch to such an event, a stylish holiday invitation card or letter will help persuade people to attend such a holiday gathering.

Using Microsoft Word, follow the simple guidelines stated below to design your own Christmas invitation.

1. Look For A Fitting Christmas Design Theme

Hosting an event is not only exciting but also a stressful obligation to fulfill especially if you are organizing one during the holidays. You need to look for an appropriate theme that will provide an extra festive vibe for the occasion. Your design theme will depend on the people that you are inviting to the event. If you are throwing a holiday retro party, make sure that the design and the background of your invitation letter or card contains a similar vintage feel to it.

2. Identify Your Target Invitees

In organizing an open house holiday party or a Christmas eve dinner potluck, you need to know who will be attending the said activity to be able to devise a suitable motif for the occasion. This will not only give you ideas on what food and/or drinks to prepare for the invitees, but it will also give you an estimate of the budget that you will need for the event.

On a survey conducted in 2016, almost 90% of respondents shared their interest in joining the holiday festivities, while only 5% stated that they will not be playing any part of the celebration.

3. Write The Contents Of The Invitation

Invitations should contain a message that can attract invitees to attend the proposed event or activity. It should provide the readers with a preview on what is going to happen and who are the guests of honor or perhaps the star of the event. You don't want to give away all the details of the program in your invitation letter. You just need to tease your audience and encourage them to accept the invitation and go to the said event.

4. Download A Christmas-Themed Invitation Template

There are a lot of holiday invitation templates here on our site that you can choose from. These materials are editable, printable, and downloadable and support most of the file formats available. Navigate through's library and look for a fitting Christmas invitation template that you can customize according to your preference. Since our templates are pre-formatted and already contains suggestive headings, applying the design theme of your choice will never be that complicated and time-consuming. Just simply introduce your desired format and insert the needed details and you are good to go.

5. Make Use Of MS Word In Editing Your Template

Microsoft Word gives you direct access to your files anytime and anywhere using any mobile device. It doesn't really matter if you are working offline, you can still customize, edit, and enhance your Christmas invitation even if without an internet connection. Collaborate with colleagues, friends, or anyone around your circle in crafting a modern and enticing holiday invitation.

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