No one stays forever. People have to say goodbye at some point. But leaving doesn't mean you have to be silent about it. The people you've worked with should also know about your departure. So, what's a better way of letting them know than a goodbye letter? If you don't have one, then select from our ready-made Goodbye Letter Templates! These templates are professionally written. These are also easy to edit and print. Using a template will surely save your time. What are you waiting for? Download a template now and let your recipient know that they are important to you!

How to Make a Goodbye Letter?

A goodbye letter is a formal or personal letter that you send to someone as your farewell. Usually, employees who would leave their jobs would write goodbye letters to their coworkers or boss.

According to the website called Today, I Found Out, the word "goodbye" or now people know as "goodbye" first appeared in a letter by Gabriel Harvey in 1573. The word people use to say farewell to others has come a long way. The word "goodbye" may have changed from time to time, but it still carries the same meaning—wishing someone the best, even if you're parting. People can choose to say goodbye between saying it orally or writing it in a simple letter. But if you have no courage to say it face-to-face, you can say goodbye through a goodbye letter.

This article is going to help you write the best goodbye letter to someone. Here are the tips for that:

1. Consider Using a Positive Tone

Goodbye is a sad moment. But this shouldn't be the case for your letter. Don't add to the gloomy and emotional atmosphere to your resignation or departure. Instead, establish a positive tone. Try to show your recipient (employee, friend, lover, student, or coworker) that you have a positive outlook about leaving like a friendly letter. That they shouldn't be sad at all.

2. Be Thankful

You should make the people who will receive your personal or formal letter about how thankful you are to meet or work with them. You can give examples of the moments you've shared with them and why you're grateful for them.

3. Mention How the Recipient(s) Has Made You Feel

You can mention how your recipient(s) has made you feel. You can share how much they made you happy or how they inspired you through your printable letter.

4. Share Something About Your Plans

Your recipient would love to know your next endeavors. If you're comfortable, then you can share some of your plans after leaving your work on the letter.

5. Leave Contact Information

Saying goodbye doesn't mean cutting ties with them. It just means you won't be working with them anymore, or you won't be seeing them as often. So, you may leave your contact information on the document so that they can reach whenever they want or need to.

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