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How to Make a Printable Letter?

A printable letter is any formal business letter document that is printable for a hard copy. The letter usually involves from one company to another, or between clients and external companies. Examples of business letters include apology letters, appreciation letters, thank you letters, rejection letters, employee letters, employment letters, resignation letters, job offer letters, termination letters, and many more. Any document with a business letter format that needs to be printed is a printable letter.

Many samples and types of business letters can be found online, it all depends on the intention of the individual or company. So here are the steps in making a printable letter.

1. Decide the Intention

Business letters come in different types, what varies is the intention of the letter. Decide which type of business letter that you want to print and present. Decide if it's an apology letter, appreciation letter, thank you for a letter, rejection letter, employee letter, employment letter, resignation letter, job offer letter, termination letter, or any type of documented letter.

2. Write the Letterhead

There are already many letterhead examples and letterhead templates present online. You can also refer to our list above for ready-made company letterheads. You can also do it by yourself. A letterhead is the heading of your business letter. It consists of the company logo, the name of the company, the company address, and corporate design. Write those at the top of the letter to make a letterhead.

3. Write the Addressee

Next, address the person or company that you are giving it to. Write the person's or company's name, then write their address afterward. Next, put the subject of the letter. Then, the dedication of the letter.

4. Write the Letter

Start your letter. First, write an introduction to your letter. The introduction must consist of your greeting and your intention. You have to state the point of the letter. Keep the introduction short, straightforward, and make every word clear and proper. Next is the body of the letter. Explain the significance of your intention. This is the part where you can use data, statistics, and any quantitative or qualitative data to support your explanation. Include information that is necessary to the intention. Lastly, write a conclusion. This is where you close the case and include a call to action.

5. Finalize the Printable Letter

Review your business letter and check any misspelled words or unnecessary details in the letter. Make sure that the letter clearly states your intention without making it confusing by your letter of intent. Make sure that you did not overwrite and commit redundancy. The most important thing is you addressed the letter properly and in a friendly manner. Don't forget to always be respectful since it is a very formal letter. Afterward, write your signature line.

6. Save and Print

After writing the business letter, save and print the document on business paper. You can also save it as a PDF file to keep the format of the letter.

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