Friendly Letters Templates

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How to Write a Friendly Letter?

A friendly letter is a personalized message that you send to the people who are close to you. It could be a friend,  a relative, close friends or even a lover. It can be sent at any time and any occasion, either to wish someone congratulations or to check up on how they are doing. Friendly letters are perfect for those times where you need to rekindle a long lost friend, or for those times when you just want to give out personalized thank, you note for attending an event that must have been special to you.

There are five parts to this simple letter:

  1. Heading

-This includes the sender’s address and date it was sent out.

  1. Salutation

-Your greeting or salutation is used at the beginning of the sample letter. You can either greet the addressee formally or informally. It’s up to you and the contents of the letter. An example of this would be: ‘Good day’ or ‘Dear’ followed by the name of the addressee.

  1. Body

-This is where you place the intention of the letter or what you wish to say to the addressee of the letter. These are usually Topics and matters you wish to share with the person you are sending the letter to.

  1. Closing

-Examples of a closing that can be used in letters: ‘sincerely’, ‘truly’, ‘your friend’, or even ‘warm regards’. Anything that expresses warmth, gratitude or closeness.

  1. Signature

-This part of the letter is where you place down your name.

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