Every November, just before Thanksgiving, people rush to retail shops to enjoy discounts when buying goods that they may or may not need. Here at Template.net, we've got the resources you need for all your marketing campaigns. Check out our collection of downloadable templates and use it to create beautifully-designed flyers, posters, or banners to promote the Black Friday fever. These ready-made templates are high-quality and 100% customizable, and they come in various formats such as Word (.doc), Photoshop (.psd), Pages (.pages), and Publisher (.pub). Go ahead, download a template now while it's still hot.

How to Make a Black Friday Holiday Template

Whether you're planning to put up Black Friday sale posters or any marketing material, do it creatively and effectively by referring to our instructions below. These instructions are self-explanatory and are guaranteed to help you out from start to finish.

1. Be catchy, unique, and specific

Basically, this is trying to tell you to beat the competition by making your marketing campaigns better than theirs. But how can you ensure that yours are better if you don't even have information about what they're doing? Always think one step ahead, get details about the competition's marketing campaigns and focus on how you can make yours attract more people.

2. Harness the power of the world wide web

The internet is a great medium for communicating information in the fastest way possible, it can even reach more people at one time. Because of this capability plus the average number of internet users at any given time, experts recommend that you encourage people to visit your website or social media page for more details. Additionally, you can even offer perks such as free shipping for customers who order online.

3. Offer rewards for followers in social media

One way of retaining customers is to show them that you value their loyalty by offering them rewards. To those who have been following or subscribing to your social media accounts, they deserve such rewards indeed. And to those who haven't followed, encourage them to do so to get the chance to enjoy rewards as well. This way, you'll boost the traffic of your social media account and also give you the respect that you deserve.

4. Give special discounts and incentives

Black Friday shopping is all about buying stuff for very low prices, but how about giving special discounts to specific customers? By specific customers, we're actually referring to business owners, students, PWDs, or those who have served the country. And in terms of incentives, you may give gift certificates or cards to express gratitude to your customers then encourage them to come back and use it on Cyber Monday.

5. Show that you're giving back to charity

According to one social impact survey, around 76% of consumers prefer not to buy goods from businesses that support something that is against their beliefs. On the other hand, consumers appreciate businesses who share the same beliefs as them and would gladly buy from their goods. Because of this survey, it is recommended that you show in your marketing campaigns that you are promoting a charity.

6. Stimulate curiosity by offering mystery deals

People love it when things are left to their imagination which is why offering mystery deals would work in business flyers, banners, or catalogs. This can also be considered as a great call-to-action since it actually motivates customers to check what the mystery deal is about. You can pull this off either by indicating your website and providing readers with instructions on what to do, or you can simply tell them to visit your physical store.

7. Always go the extra mile

Above everything else, it's always best not to settle for less and to go the extra mile. You may either offer to wrap their purchases for free or you can also include freebies if they reach a certain minimum amount. Regardless of all how stressful Black Friday shopping can get, people would feel rewarded by these simple gestures. Also, going the extra mile can help show people how professional and sincere you are in your business.

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