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What Is a Gift Certificate?

A gift certificate is a printed or digital voucher document used for purchases and availing of certain products and services. Business establishments like hotels, boutiques, specialty stores, grocery malls utilize gift certificates to keep customers engaged and keep them coming back. Besides the fact that it is a great way to surprise or award certificates customers, gift certificates also play a crucial role in advertising and promotional marketing efforts.

Besides printed gift certificates, online gift certificates are also present in the online industry. They are commonly used for gaming like Fortnite gift certificates, booking reservation agencies, online shops, and more.

How to Create a Gift Certificate

Certificates that are used for promotional and marketing purposes must be designed expertly to deliver its purpose. Gift certificates are small documents that can hold significant monetary value used for redeeming certain products and services. In addition, sample certificates give the consumer the feeling of having ready, on-hand cash to spend. Having a gift certificate makes consumers come back to spend all the value, which opens up possibilities of additional sales.

The steps below will teach you the basic requirements on how you can create a gift certificate perfect for restaurant, spa, and retail businesses.

1. Get the Marketing Plan Ready

Before you execute the design project, it’s always better to start with a comprehensive marketing plan. The marketing plan will help you determine the trends present in the economy, thus allowing you to generate marketing ideas that can translate your business goals to reality. With more cash flow means more profit, so you better plan for every step that you’ll take.

2. Gather Up Design Inspiration

You can always level up a modern certificate to creative heights by incorporating different design elements on the layout — research for graphic design inspiration and content. Plain designs might be uninteresting for some clients, so it's better to take your design game up a level and entice more customers to transact with you.

3. Write Down the Possible Offers

Ready your business plan and create a business gift certificate offer scheme. Analyze the trends and preferences of your customers to come up with the amounts, freebies, discounts, and markdowns.

In an online article entitled, “Discount Strategies,” it was mentioned that you have to consider different factors before offering discounts. These factors include analyzing your profit margin, calculating profitable discount prices, assessing competitors, and pricing strategies. The offers you indicate on your gift certificate should be planned in line with the sales target and current stock.

4. Execute Creativity

With a marketing plan, design inspiration, and offers ready, you can now proceed to place everything on paper. As you put the graphic designs and texts, always use an editing application like Adobe Photoshop, Apple Pages on Mac, or Microsoft Publisher. Executing creativity means you have to be efficient and smart in placing all the elements such as the logo, business name, recipient's name/s, terms and conditions, and expiry dates.

5. Double-Check Every Design then Print

After careful consideration and design, double-check, and edit everything. Confirm the offers, tracing numbers, and other relevant information. It always py to check your documents before sending them out to your clients and stakeholders. Print the gift certificate using high-quality paper stocks for presentation and durability purposes.

What Details does a Gift Certificate Contain?

While preparing a gift certificate our main concern is to retain all the details and particulars that can impress the customers. Following the points provided below, you would be able to have an idea of what and how we frame our certificate templates. You can also consider them as an overview and make your decision.
Company name and logo, sometimes also pictures of products or other models of it.

  • Highlighted certificate title.
  • The precise description on company information, product specification, testimonials, or user reviews.
  • Address and contact details including
  • Expiry date in bold letters
  • For tracking purposes unique certificate number and event name
  • Terms and conditions with the certificate.

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