With the advent of digital marketing, most advertisements are done over the internet. If not the internet, people go for options like promoting different platforms of the media. However, flyers have their own legacy and effectiveness. For one, they reach the target audience accurately and draw their attention. It is less likely that a physical flyer will miss the attention of the receiver. Whatever brand, product, or services you offer, our premium Business Flyer Templates can help promote your business or event. These templates come with suggestive content, high-quality layout, and attractive artworks which are 100% editable in all versions of Publisher, Apple Pages, Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and MS Word file formats. Get these print-ready Business Flyer Templates now!

What is a Business Flyer?

A business flyer (similar to leaflet) is a printed document containing advertising information. It serves as a promotional tool in marketing brands, services, products, or even the business itself. Aside from being cheaper, flyers are one of the best advertising materials a company must utilize. In a post from The Fridge Magnet Factory website, flyers are said to be easy to distribute, allowing a business to reach a broad audience.

How to Create a Business Flyer?


An effective business flyer helps small or big organizations to promote their businesses. Well-designed flyers will also play a significant role in increasing sales. Thus, if you want your business to be widely known, making a business flyer is imperative. Here, we have provided you with a few tips that will teach you how to create a business flyer.

1. Create a Snappy Headline for your Business Flyer

Almost every promotional flyer has a headline on top. Headlines are mostly about what the flyer is all about. To capture the attention of your prospects, making a catchy headline is advisable. So, be picky in choosing words to use in constructing your headline.

2. Use an Editing Software in Making your Business Flyer

There's a lot of editing software that you can use in making your business flyer—Illustrator, Apple Pages, Publisher, Adobe Photoshop, MS Word, and InDesign. This software is reliable in terms of making a flyer. This software also has user-friendly features that will allow you to be creative in making your flyer. But, use the software in which you know how to operate, so you will not have a hard time creating your flyer.

However, if you are in a rush and don't have enough time to make the design and the layout, using a ready-to-use editable business flyer is a great strategy. Luckily, we have high-quality business flyer templates available on Template.net.

3. Attach Compelling Images and Designs

Using blurry images and lousy graphic designs will result in producing an unworthy flyer. This will also make your clients question the integrity of the brand or service you're promoting or worst your business. So to effectively capture the hearts of your clients, make sure to incorporate your editable business flyer with compelling images and attractive designs.

4. Add your Content into your Business Flyer

Content is necessary for every marketing flyer. It's where you present your business and the services you offer to your audience. Thus, it has to be well-written. However, do not put too much unnecessary information that will lead to confusing your audience.

For example, if you are promoting the grand opening of your small business, include only essential details like the purpose, date and time, and the venue of the event.

5. Print out your Business Flyer

The final step in making your business flyer is printing it. You do the printing yourself. But, we recommend you to go to the nearest local printing shop and have it printed there for better results. Then, you can start distributing your professional flyer. Flyer distribution should take place in crowded avenues to reach more prospects.

How Many Pages Should a Business Flyer be?

A business flyer should ideally be one page. The size of the page used is usually 8.5” x 11”. Make sure that the page contains all the necessary information about the business event. The printing should be such that none of the words are at the edge. Make sure that the format and pictures are in line with the theme of the event.

Is it Cheaper if you Make your Own Flyers?

It is not very costly to get your flyers designed and printed. However, as far as customization and personalization are concerned, it is best if you make your own business flyers. Also, if multi-ink printing is included, it will be wise if you print it on your own to cut costs. Make sure that you use professional flyer paper to print it.

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