When we think about vacation feels or spending leisure time within the vicinity of the city, hotels are there to give us that comfortable experience. Hotel staff prepares all year round to give the best customer service they can give to their hotel customers. Know how they manage to meet your needs with our Hotel Organizational Chart templates. These chart templates are downloadable and editable in Apple Pages, PDF, and Google Docs. They are printable in A4 and US letter sizes landscape orientation style. Meet these hospitable people as you spend your leisure time and have the best leisure experience ever!

How to Make a Hotel Organizational Chart in Google Docs

Hotels are one of the leading hospitality industry. They provide all that customers need during their stay. Have better management for your hotel by making an organizational chart for your company. Prepare this in Google Docs by following the guide steps below.

1. Book All the Hotel Staff

Make a complete list of all the hotel staff, starting from the general manager down to the different offices that constitute the hotel company. Be organized in making the list. Group the staff according to their respective departments. Accumulate their names and designations and place them under the umbrella of their respective superiors. By doing this, you are identifying and drawing the outline of the structure of the hotel management. The information you gather on this list is the basic prerequisite in constructing the hotel organizational chart. Ascertain to it that you collected an updated and accurate details of all the hotel staff by double-checking them. You can ask for assistance from the hotel’s human resource office to confirm everything.

2. Accommodate the Hotel Structure to the Chart

Create the organizational chart in Google Docs by going to the insert menu and drawing then select new. A digital canvas will appear on your monitor. On the topmost of that dialog box, are the tools you need to set up the organizational chart. Draw the correct number of shapes to match the headcount of the hotel staff. Don’t forget to connect them with lines to show the levels of authority in the hotel organization. Acquire your chart in just a matter of seconds by checking out our hotel organizational templates above. They are readily editable in Google Docs, so you can keep on using your favorite software for making your documents. Choose your preferred chart design and format that will suit your hotel’s organizational structure.

3. Check-In the Staff Details

Transfer the staff details from the list to the chart. Locate where everyone should belong. Composing a clear and comprehensive list earlier for sure has helped you distribute the details in an orderly fashion. Customize the fonts of the texts by selecting a font style and size that will give them more emphasis and make them more legible. You can format the names in bold and have their font size bigger than the designations. Don’t forget to indicate the label of your chart on the top of the hierarchy. You may check-in the photos of the hotel staff, so they would become more identifiable. Customize the chart more by applying your organization’s preferences.

4. Fit the Chart into a Single Page

The very essence of the chart would be nullified if the whole chart will take up space more than a single page. It will disrupt the reporting relationship of every hotel staff that the chart is aiming to emphasize. Resize the shapes if there is a need, but keep one size for all. This also means that you have to reformat the font sizes. Get more of your chart template needs from us!

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