How to Make a Service ID Card in Apple Pages

A service ID card is an ID card specially made for those people who are connected to a business or company. A Service ID is nontransferable, and it is a must for employees because this is one of the basis to prove their identity, especially if a person is part of an established company. Nowadays, ID cards are mandatory because of the government's high demand for it, especially if you are processing legal documents that need proof of identification. Even schools require the students to wear their school ID's within the school premises. That is why if you are planning to produce a Service ID for your company or organization, we list a couple of tips below on what are the necessary things you need to consider in making a service ID card.

1. Select the Desired Template

If you don't want to hassle yourself in making everything from scratch, you can choose from our wide variety of templates. We offer different kinds of Simple ID Card Templates that you can choose from. In selecting an ID card, you have to consider the type of company or establishment that you are in.

2. Know What Are Your Objectives

In creating a Modern ID card, you have to know where you want to use it. You should have a clear perspective in creating an ID card, especially if you are a startup company or organization. Service ID cards are beneficial, and it is one way for your employees to be known as part of your company. This kind of ID card will not only establish your employee's identity as part of your company but also make your company know to the public.

3. Create a Design

When choosing a template, you would notice that it already has an available design to it. You have to select the appropriate design and correct classification of the template to the company or organization that you are working for. The advantage of choosing a template rather than making an ID card from scratch is that it will lessen the things that you need to do, and you will have a lot of time to work on different matters aside from consuming your time in just making an ID card. But if you choose to work with a Blank ID Card Template, then do so.

4. Choose Apple Pages

You can select any file format you want, but with Apple Pages, you have the freedom to be creative. With the help of Apple Pages, you can customize everything there is on the template and organize the details that you want to put on it. It's simple, creative, and accessible in any Apple device!

5. Print It Already

After putting all the details in the template, you can start printing it and distributing it to your employees. You can ask your employees to send an email signature and pictures to put on the ID cards that you have crafted.

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