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How to Make a Service Voucher in Apple Pages?

Vouchers are a great way of getting customers' loyalty to your business. You can use a service voucher to give to your customers' discounts and offers for some services. Here are some ways on how to start making your own service vouchers:

1. Plan Your Service Voucher Offers

Your first step is to start with what your service voucher offers are since there are a lot of different service vouchers out there. What services can your customers get from your vouchers? Will they get a discount for an aircon repair? Will they get a fundraising service voucher? Will they get a service voucher for some household repairs? Will they get discounts for their car repairs? Make sure that your services are most helpful to your customers to make your vouchers popular among them. Make sure your vouchers are timely. Another thing, make sure that you are very specific with what offers and discounts your customers will get to avoid confusion.

2. Know Your Target Market

It is important to know who your target market is. This way, it will be easier for you to know who are most likely to get your vouchers. You can make a research about these people. You can make a customer analysis if you have to.

3. Put Design

In starting your voucher, you can download an editable voucher template online. You can also use Apple Pages to edit your work. If you want a creative-looking service voucher, you can try deciding for a theme. You can also incorporate your theme with a specific holiday. This holiday is the time when you release your service vouchers. This will surely attract your customers and clients. Don't settle for boring service vouchers when you know you can make them beautiful.

4. Service Content

In this section, you need to provide a detailed description of what the service is. Be sure to give your customers instructions on how they can avail the service. For example, "$50 off for full cleaning service" or "50% off on all laundry services". You can make the numbers in boldface so that customers are easily attracted. Never assume that your customers already know the terms and services of your service voucher. Make sure that you provide them. Another, do not make a whole long paragraph of voucher terms and conditions. You can make a list of all the directions your clients should follow, this way they will easily read them. Don't also forget the expiration date of your service voucher so that your customers will know until when their vouchers are valid to use.

5. Put the Voucher ID

Don't forget to put the voucher ID's on your service vouchers. The customers will be presenting this so that they can avail the voucher service. This will also be helpful to you as your service voucher tracking device. Once you are done, it is a must to proofread your work. It is important to make your service voucher card as neat as possible.

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