There’s a bunch of different tasks and labors that people need a bit of help with or require certain professional skills to fulfill. If your business offers services that specialize in this, then you want to reach out to as many people as you can. Well, that’s where we step in with our Ready-Made Services Flyer Templates! Download our professional, 100% customizable designs to promote your brand with ease, each sample being easily editable in Apple Pages. With these creative templates, you can save time and quickly put together a flyer in A4 or US letter sizes. Grab a template now and advertise your bookkeeping, delivery, or landscaping offers!

How to Create Services Flyers in Apple Pages

Do you run a business that specializes in medical care? Do you work on gardens or landscaping? There are plenty of things that people need to get done but can’t do it themselves for one reason or another--from mindnumbing tasks to backbreaking labor. Though, thankfully, there are services out there that can be hired to undertake labors requiring professional and specialized proficiency. And so, that’s where your own brand of expertise comes in.

However, you can’t help anyone unless they know that you’re open for business. That’s why you need to do a bit of marketing first, which is where we can help. Have a look at our Ready-Made Services Flyer Templates and compose a handout design with ease! Our eye-catching, easy-to-use designs are sure to earn the confidence of whatever demographic you’re aiming for.

“But why flyers?” you might wonder. Well, flyes offer a compact and concise way to spread the word about your business, being easy for passersby to pocket and then refer to later when they eventually need to ring you up. And, according to a page from, flyers are one of the cheapest materials to advertise with; perfect for saving money while still being effective!

Not sure how to get started? Have a look at our tips (just below) and read up on how to make your own flyers in Apple Pages.

1. A Matching Flyer Design for Your Services

If you’re no artist or graphic designer, there’s no need to worry; we offer a wide array of varied flyer templates for you to take advantage of. Whether you’re a handyman doing general household repairs or a real estate agency selling newly-furnished homes, we’ve got a design sample that works for you!

2. Compose an Enticing Advertisement Using Apple Pages

Apple Pages provides Mac users with a sleek, streamlined way of editing our templates; it’s perfect for even amateurs to instantly get the hang of!

After nabbing one of our ready-made flyer samples, it’s time to apply your own creative changes to it in Pages. However, if you’re not feeling confident about your artistic skills, you still have the option of not editing the aesthetics since our templates are crafted to still look good even upon download.

Now, it takes more than just a pretty design to reel in interest. When it comes to drafting the details about your services, throw in some charming dialog in there too. A bit of creative writing helps gain the confidence of potential clients.

3. Try Other Promotional Media

After you’ve printed out your flyers, it’s advisable to explore other advertising routes.

Wanna take advantage of foot traffic after handing out your flyers? Make some posters and plaster them around.

Need more room to explain what your business is about? The foldable nature of brochures is a nice alternative.

4. Rake in Some Attention

With all your promotional material ready and waiting, it’s time to get out there and let the public know about your offerings. Be it cleaning cars or repairing computer hardware, our Ready-Made Services Flyer Templates have you covered!

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