How to Make an IT and Software Roll Up Banner in Adobe Illustrator (AI)?

Great advertising often combines simple ideas with great messages. For that, every decision you make has to be taken strategically. At this time, there are hundreds of tools to advertise your IT or software company. One of which is through a roll-up banner. A lot of businesses use this tool because it's cost-effective. If you also need to make one, we are citing some tips here to help you complete the task instantly:

1. Launch, Write and Add Colors

Create a page in Illustrator by setting the right orientation, size, length, and width. Start making layouts and adding content. Appropriate selection of colors can make your banner shine and standout. Applying colors can help your banner look better. Pick colors that complement each element added in it.

2. Place Image(s)

It is best to add a graphic(s) to your banner. Adding pictures can make it look more noticeable. Neuroscientists say that people can process images not less than 13 milliseconds. On the same note, only add images that speak what the banner is about. You can put pictures of your products or services if you have to. Moreover, pick high-resolution photos so that it looks good after printing.

3. Put Your Logo and Relevant Information

To make people familiar with your IT or software corporate identity, never forget to add your company logo. People don't have all the time in a day to stop and spend minutes reading your banner content. That's why, by all means, you should only put the relevant details that you need to advertise.

5. Include Contact Details

After reading the banner, people need to know how they can reach you. So, you should add your company contact details like email address, social media accounts, and contact number.

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