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How to Design an IT and Software Business Card in Adobe Illustrator (AI)?

Even if you get a hold of the best business card template in the world, it would not be sufficient unless you know how to customize it to fit your needs. We're offering easy-to-follow tips that can guide you in making a proper card for your IT company or software business using Illustrator. Read the tips below.

1. Launch Adobe Illustrator

Open Adobe Illustrator on your laptop or computer and set the workspace where you need to create your business card for your IT and/or software company. Set your preferred width, size, units, orientation, and bleeds. Note that the standard business card size in the US is 3.5 inches by 2 inches; however, other countries also have different sizing standards.

2. Give Complete and Accurate Information

Do not miss out on prospective clients for incorporating inaccurate information in your business card design such as your IT company's name, your name, the position you hold, working contact numbers, logo, tagline, and updated business address. You can also use both the front and back sides of your card. That way, you can add more comprehensive but brief details of your software or IT company services.

3. Make It Clear and Comprehensive

Avoid fitting every piece of information since your business card comes in only small sizes. Add the details using a simple font with a size that does not go lower than 8 pt. Avoid using various typography styles as it makes the card look vague and fails in attracting the client's attention.

5. Make an Impressive and Creative Design

If you want to create a lasting impression, make creative designs that will surely remind your target recipients of your business services. Design elements may include ideal color palette combination, appropriate choice of label vectors, and a wise choice of font styles and size. Add the graphic elements carefully.

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