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How to Create an IT and Software ID Card in Adobe Illustrator (AI)?

Whether you are a start-up or you want to modify the current company ID cards, surely, you want to be guided on where and how to start. What more and crucial to include in the design? This is a common question that comes in our mind. Although you can use card design software, card maker, card creator, and alike, there is an immeasurable satisfaction when you create your self. To help you further, we have cited some tips below:

1. Add Complete and Correct Details

Make sure that the following key components are correct and present in your ID card: company logo; company contact information; name, position or title, and photo of the cardholder; cardholder information, such as height, weight, and gender; ID number; signature and fingerprint of the cardholder; issuance and expiration dates; barcode and other visual identification markers; and other information stored in the ID database, such as cardholder responsibilities, contact person in case of emergency, and disclaimer and property information.

2. Use Designs Related to Your Industry

Since you are in the IT and software industry, you can make use of designs, graphics, or clip arts related to IT and software and incorporate them into the card. However, you must not overdo it; maintain professionalism and formality since you are creating an employee ID card for your company.

3. Determine the Orientation and Layout

While working in Illustrator, you may explore portrait and landscape orientation when considering the layout of the card. You also need to remember that the corner of ID cards are rounded rectangle, so do not place your text near the edges. Furthermore, you need to consider where you put the hole punch, so you can set the logo in another section where it will not be affected by the punch hole. Some tools and apps that may help you print your ID cards are Print Studio, ID Flow, and Workshop.

4. Choose High-Quality Materials and Printers

A professional ID card must be printed in high-quality card papers using excellent materials as it contains vital information about the company and cardholder. Furthermore, the ID must be designed to last longer than a year, without cracking or breaking.

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