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How to Make IT and Software Brochure in Adobe Illustrator (AI)?

According to, a great brochure contains a good headline so to attract the reader's interest and to avoid confusion in the content. You aim to inform and persuade your audience to opt for your products and services. Therefore you must make your brochure attractive and understandable. If you are interested in making your company brochure, feel free to read the tips given below:

1. Decide What You Need to Promote

When you make a brochure, your primary purpose is to sell your company's products/services and attract public attention. Whether its a new mobile app, an updated system software, or IT and software maintenance services, decide on the feature you want to promote and use a proper headline for it.

2. Choose a Good Design

Get creative with your company brochure. Attract your readers and keep them interested in reading your content with excellent designs. Choose an appropriate fold for your brochure. Depending on your preference, you may use a bi-fold brochure, tri-fold brochure, or a z-fold brochure. Open Illustrator and create a landscape paper size with the proper size, orientation, and margins. Create different layers and layouts for adding each component and elements.

3. Add Content and Images

Imagine how your brochure should look like and arrange your content and graphics accordingly in an enticing way. Use graphics that are relevant and related to your brochure topic. Remember to attract your readers with compelling text. Set the tone with proper use of color and balance the document with the strategical use of white spaces.

4. Review, and Finalize

Lastly, review your content and design. Make sure that your content is not flimsy and is easily understandable. Never forget to include your 'Call-to-Action' and add your contact information at the end. After adding all these, you are ready to print the document.

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