After an employee passes all the stages of a job interview and is ready to work, the company now has to file an appointment that confirms the acceptance of their new job. To inform the new hire regarding the confirmation of their new position, send out one of our Job Appointment Letter Templates. You can meet with the recipient, negotiate their wage, and have their contract signed.  With our products, you can write that letter by choosing a suitable template. Download them on your computer or smartphone and edit them so that the note fits your matching details. Welcome, that new employee today.

How to Write a Job Appointment Letter?

It is a letter written that confirms that an applicant has passed the hiring process. In it, you address the hired applicant and include details of the job of the new employee. As of the year 2020, the unemployment rate in the United States is at 4.4 percent, according to the U.S. Labor Bureau. A lot of people need jobs, and as an employer, the skill of writing job appointment letters has never been in demand as it is now. Practice writing great appointment letters with the tips presented below.

1. Make Sure Your Company Name is Visible

You have to provide the name of your company when addressing a newly hired employee. This is to make sure that you can avoid confusion because the one you are hiring might have sent multiple application letters to other companies. So, you will want them to know that it is your company that is offering them a job.

2. Include the Company Address and Contact Information

You will want your new employee to contact you with ease in case they have some questions. So, make sure that all your contact information, if possible, even social media information, is present, along with your company address.

3. Do not Forget the Offered Job Position

The purpose of writing a job appointment letter is to offer a position to an applicant that is qualified to be under your employment. Make sure that you define the scope of work that needs accomplishing and the training that needs completion when occupying the position.

4. Provide Details About the Salary and Benefits

Another thing that you should not forget: you have to state the salary that the new employee will earn, along with the benefits that the new hire is entitled to.

5. Give the Employment Instructions the New Employee has to Follow

Lastly, you have to provide the instructions that the new employee has to follow to complete the employment process. Give the complete list of requirements that a new employee must submit to secure their employment.

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