Job Offer Letter Templates

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Choosing an appropriate candidate as a potential employee is a tough decision to make. Employers have to check the skills and background of employees first. Writing a job offer entails a lot of thinking, so our Job Offer Letter Templates are available to ease your burden. These products have original content and format, so there's little effort to exert in making your content. You can also download these letter templates in Microsoft Word(.docx), Pages(MAC), Google Docs, or Outlook for your greater ease. Customize and print them easily and get your job offer letters ready without having to create them individually!

How to Write a Job Offer Letter

A Job offer letter is a Formal Document that describes the job proposition to the new hire and what the employee can expect from the role. This letter comes with a contract that fully states the duties and responsibilities of his position. Statista said that in 2019, around 130.6 million people were working full-time jobs. But before these employees started working, their employers handed them a job offer Letter. It's a confirmation that the employee agrees to the terms of the employer and accepts the role given. 

If you're clueless on how to write a job offer letter, read our tips below.

1. Start with a Heartwarming Welcome

Give your new Employees a warm welcome to the team through a first sentence that makes them feel at home. Make them feel at ease by informing how happy you are to have them on board. Include other details, such as the employee's full name and address. 

2. Describe the Job

State the employee's position and employment status in the company. List down the duties that he or she should carry out in the duration of his or her employment. You also have to include the name of the Manager or superior as well. 

3. Explain the Benefits

After describing the job, write about the benefits that your employee should receive. These include the Salary, Health Insurance coverage, leave credits, etc. You may also include an "at-will" clause. This term allows employees to terminate their contracts for whatever reason, whenever they want to.  

4. Add More Info

Set a time frame for the employee to accept your job offer. Remember to put your contact information at the end. Leave some space for signatures too. Lastly, always make sure to have a professional tone in the entire sample Printable Letter.


  • What is the common time frame for a job offer?

      One week is the typical time frame for a person to accept a job offer. Stating a time frame on the letter depends on the employer. He can find another prospect in case one candidate turns down the job offer. 

  • How does a candidate reply to a job offer when accepting a job?

      A candidate can reply to a job offer by:

      1. Making the acceptance of the letter clear. 
      2. Repeating the terms and other relevant information.
      3. Thank the employer.
      4. Clarify confusing information.
      5. Ask about additional documents for submission. 

  • What is the difference between a conditional job offer and unconditional job offer?

      A conditional job offer becomes valid once the employee submits all necessary documents for the job. On the other hand, an unconditional job offer is a binding employment contract between the employer and employee. 

  • How long does it take for employers to give a job offer?

      The website, The Balance Careers, said that it usually takes 24 to 48 hours after the interview for a job offer to be given. But it sometimes depends on the employer if he's going to provide a job offer to a candidate or not. 

  • When do employers usually give a job offer?

      An employer usually gives a job offer when the candidate has passed the exam and background check.