People are mostly captivated by a company's creative marketing campaign on printed materials or social media sites. Behind that success, there is a marketing professional who works to design their advertising tools. If it happens that you are an aspiring marketing professional, get that dream marketing job by downloading one of our ready-made Marketing Resume Templates. Our selection of templates is versatile that even the inexperienced can easily use to land their first job. Fully downloadable and easily editable in Microsoft Word and Apple Pages, there's no reason for you to start from scratch or look someplace else just to create an impressive resume. Scroll down to see our templates and download one right away!

What Is a Marketing Resume?

A marketing resume is a document submitted by aspiring marketing professionals to their potential employers. The document consists of the individual's personal data, career objective, educational background, relevant job experiences, and skills. Oftentimes, marketing resumes include a list of people who serves as the applicant's personal or character reference. A marketing resume is typically written by an aspiring product manager, digital and brand marketing manager, marketing director, and other marketing professionals.

How to Make a Marketing Resume

According to Top Resume, the percentage of resumes getting rejected before it reaches the hiring managers is 70%. In a competitive industry such as marketing, the stakes are even higher. So, as a fresh college graduate, beginner, or tenured marketing professional, you would need a comprehensive and complete resume that would speak your job career. If you wish to make one now, you can incorporate these tips in creating a simple resume:

1. Market Yourself through a Resume

Just like the job that you've longed to get, you need to sell yourself in your printable resume. Rather than simply listing your history as a professional, you might as well market yourself as if you're marketing a brand. To do that, put yourself in the shoes of the executives and determine what to expect from an applicant. For example, if you are applying as a marketing director for a prestigious company, anticipate what hiring managers would expect and require to consider an applicant perfect for the position. These details will now serve as the fundamentals of your resume.

2. Include a Skills Summary

In relation to the previous step, you should market yourself effectively to get the attention of hiring managers. One of the most ideal yet effective ways to do it is through your job skills summary. Make sure that when you write this section, it appropriately reflects the company's job description. If an employer is looking for a digital marketing director, then don't hesitate to showcase your skills in Google Analytics and Google AdWords.

3. Indicate Job Keywords

Most of the time, recruiters or hiring managers scan the content of a resume to identify relevant job keywords. This is done to verify whether or not the applicant has thoroughly read the job description. Without the use of keywords, your resume will likely fail to capture the attention of the employer. What you can and should do when making a marketing resume is to gather keywords from the job description and make a list out of it.

4. Settle With Simplicity

You want to produce a creative resume to be noticed by the employer, but settling with a straightforward and professional resume would get you noticed even more. One way of impressing an employer is to present a sleek and formal resume with comprehensive sections. To do this, you need to cut out irrelevant information and only include key details. Also, properly utilize the white space of your document. In terms of the font, stick with either serif or sans serif to make the text neat and legible.

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