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Creating to do lists may seem elementary, but it has been proven time and time again that there is a psychology that comes with it. To-do lists have become a time-honored system that is simple but effective. Not only do they help people get organized, they also give people a sense of productivity simply by crossing out finished tasks, then by moving on down the line.

Author and psychologist David Cohen believes that people's love for to-do lists boil down to three reasons: they lessen anxiety of full, chaotic days; they give a sense of structure where task lists can help people stick to our plans; and they serve as proof that we did, indeed achieve something over certain periods.

Yet many still resist the structure given by lists as it could limit their creativity or prevent them from being flexible with their time. While each person can tackle their tasks personally at their own pace, time management expert David Allen report templates that those with full schedules with no clear structure of going about their tasks would struggle to cope in the long run. In this day and age, scribbled notes simply won’t be enough because you will need more details to get tasks done. Not only that, breaking down projects into small, achievable blocks or realistic timetables can help get things done.

To do lists also help people remember their tasks as these effective documents are very useful as external memory aids. All you have to do is look at your list and you will never forget anything as long as you recorded it properly. Without this external memory aid, people are more prone to surrender to short-term memories, which is shown to only be able to hold seven pieces of information for 30 seconds. Any more tasks that you need to remember will have you set yourself up for failure without such external memory aids. Looking at to-do lists will help reinforce the information to your brain, and you are less likely to forget tasks, appointments, or commitments.

Finally, to do lists and checklist templates also serve as motivational tools that will help you clarify your goals. Achieving small steps towards a bigger goal will make your tasks seem less overwhelming, so you gain more confidence as you succeed at each of the small steps along the way.

Template,net offers ready made, printable lists that will help make work that much easy to organize. Each sheet template comes with a variety of downloadable and editable designs ranging from plan templates and basic blanks to calendar reports that will make your tasks that much easier to keep track of on a regular basis. Download these templates in any of its high-quality images and design in printable file formats. Feel free to take a look at our vast template library for your documentation needs.