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What Is a Marketing Communications Plan?

Marketing communications plan, or also known as the Marcomm plan, is a strategy commonly used in business to inform target customer audiences about a product or a service. It is a subcomponent of an overall marketing plan that allows you to determine where you are going with your strategy, what must be said and done to promote the product, and how you will bring the product from the factory to the customer.

How to Create a Marketing Communications Plan

A marketing communication plan helps you define your target audience and the right message and media to reach them. It should answer the basic questions of what you are going to communicate to who, how, and when. This type of planning can be broken down into a three-step process entailing analysis, strategy, and implementation. All of these are enclosed in a comprehensive process of building an effective marketing communications plan. Whether it's an internal plan, action plan, work plan, or business plan, all of them require a systematic, step-by-step development that takes into account different elements of other types of plans. We have listed some helpful guide steps below to help you get started.

1. Conduct Market Assesment

In this step, you would be able to understand where your brand is in the market place, the different opportunities to grow your business, and how should you be able to go there. Consider and try to asses the different implications that external factors may bring and influence to your marketing communication plan. Conduct this assessment as factual and timely as it can this will serve as your basis on how and where should you start your marketing communications plan.

2. Establish Your Mission Statement

Nex step is to establish an end-goal mission statement that your company wants to fulfill for your customers. Try to look on the internet for other convincing mission statements by well-known brands and companies, get inspiration from them to help you create and execute your mission.

3. Determine Your Audience

The next step is to determine your target audiences or the people you are trying to reach. These people would play a major role in your business development because they are the ones who are most likely to purchase your products and services. You may use different methods to determine them such as conducting surveys, determining who frequently visits your websites, and comparing your followers to your competitor's followers.

4. Choose Your Channels

Not all social media platforms and advertising channels work for all brands. The right mix rarely includes all of them, but usually includes more than one. There are different effective marketing channels that if used would generate interest and demand such as websites, google ads, LinkedIn, email marketing, and Youtube. Choose where you think is best for your business.

5. Create A Marketing Communications Schedule

Regardless of what marketing channels you use, it is essential that you stay at the top of your plan. This can be achieved if you make a strategic master calendar that will help you keep track of the different channel activities and campaigns.

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