Marketing Checklist Templates

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How to Create a Marketing Checklist?

The purpose of this type of checklist is to help individuals keep track of all marketing-related tasks that need to be completed. Many small businesses and major corporations make use of it to further improve their brand promotion. The checklist can act as a step-by-step guide for those that have difficulty in remembering what has to be done or even when it has to be done. But whether you think you need it or not, know that having a marketing checklist is always beneficial.

1. Know What It Is You Are Marketing

It is important that your checklist is able to point out what it is specifically you are going to market. The reason for this is because all of the strategies and tactics that you will be coming up with should cater to it. So are you planning on marketing an event? A product and/or service? Or perhaps you're simply trying to promote your entire business? Be sure to figure this out so that you can move on to the next step.

2. Point Out How to Identify Your Target Audience

You will need to know who exactly you are going to be marketing to. So it is here that you must share the steps that will help you identify the specific type of customers or clients that your marketing plan and campaign should be focused on. You will want to include how to go about gaining information on your target audience and who you will be responsible for obtaining it. Make sure to consider geographic and demographic segmentation before writing down the identification process.

3. Explain the Marketing Methods to Be Used

Now comes the part where you explain all of the methods that you'll be using and the tasks that will be done to guarantee effective marketing. Consider how to go about in content marketing, digital marketing, and even SEO optimization. What kind of promotional content must your advertisements display? Are you going to use social media or email or both to attract your target audience? These are questions that you'll need to answer before coming up with the list of marketing project methods to be used and tasks to be completed.

4. Point Out How the Marketing Should Be Budgeted

Lastly, your checklist should consist of the means by which the budget for the marketing should be secured, as well as how to go about ensuring that the budget covers all that needs to be done. Start by pointing out where exactly you will be obtaining the income needed to implement the strategies. Once that is done, you may then proceed to write down exactly what has to be spent on. Make sure to specify things like the materials to be purchased or the services that need to be availed. If you like, you can also include a list of what can be done if ever there is a lack of money in the budget or how to find alternatives when certain things cannot be acquired.